The First Playoff Series Win in 20 Years Leads to a Mile High Rematch


Since the fateful day KG asked for a trade, there has been so much suffering. There has been some excitement and fun along the way but it has mostly been misery. That all changed the night we drafted Ant whether we knew it or not. Then a few years later Ant led us to our first series win in 20 years and a date with Nikola Jokic.

A Grueling 20 Years

Every Wolves fan, hell every MN sports fan knows how bad it has been for the Wolves for most of their existence. The things I would be excited about with the Wolves in all those bad years are honestly embarrassing now. Cheering for close losses, or random guys who I thought would be the next “guy”, it was something different night in and night out.

The first time I found hope was K-Love and Rubio, which was fun but Ricky tearing his ACL ruined that. Then it was getting Wiggins and KAT, I thought we had the next Kobe and Shaq, oooooof. The real sickness though, is Jimmy Butler. That was the first time in a LONG time that there were legitimate title hopes. As we know those hopes came crashing down hard and fast. In the end, it ultimately led us to one place that changed everything. His name is Anthony Edwards and that is a major reason we are where we are at today.

Idols turned Rivals

To start off our playoff dreams were Kevin Durant and the Suns. We had home court for the first time in 20 years which ultimately led to our first series win in 20 years. Ant has always said that KD is his favorite player and his idol. Let me tell you that he didn’t hesitate in his moments against KD and there will be highlights that last forever from how this matchup went.

To have these special moments in a series where you dominate your idol? That is truly special for Ant and these Wolves after such a long drought. Also for Ant, this to be his first series win in this fashion is special. It was almost a passing of the torch and to see your idol praise you like that must feel amazing. Having your favorite player say you are their favorite player has to be an insane moment, hopefully, it can propel Ant to new heights on this run. I mean it has everyone comparing him to MJ, so it would only be right if he took us to the promised land.

This whole team was special in this series, up and down the lineup. It was truly a crazy 180 from getting smacked 3 times in the regular season to them but I won’t complain. They dominated in most fashions and showed they were ready for the Nuggets.

Ant vs Joker

Time to get to what everyone is waiting for, the matchup with the defending champs. They are led by 2 time and probably 3 time MVP, Nikola Jokic. This isn’t the talented Suns with no leadership. This is a well-oiled machine with chemistry and the best player in the league on their team. If we want to win this series everyone is going to have to step up when their number is called. They did it in round 1 but to do it against this team is a whole different story.

What will most likely be the most important is how we operate in the clutch. The Suns were the worst 4th quarter in the NBA. We ran away with most games in the 3rd and early 4th so we never were fully tested. I guarantee they will be tested over and over in this series and they need to be ready. They were 2-2 against them this year and we match up very well against them. If there is going to be a team to take them down, I think it might be the Wolves.

From our DPOY Rudy protecting the rim, to our swarming perimeter defenders or our superstar stepping up in the clutch. The Wolves have what it takes to beat Denver, it will come down to mistakes. We all know this team has been prone to exploding in the past. Even this year they have games where they turn it over so much or just collapse in the clutch. You absolutely cannot have that and win a game, no less a series against the Nuggets. You could have a crazy Ant game and be able to overcome those mistakes but to do that multiple times is unlikely. They need to be disciplined and smart when it matters the most. I hope some of the veteran leadership can help calm them down when these moments arrive.


As much as we will have to rely on Ant going crazy to win this series, the role players are just as important. If guys like Jaden, Naz, or Naw don’t step up, I don’t know how we can win this. Luckily I have so much faith in our guys, all the way down the lineup. They will step up, whether it is just one guy a night. I know when we need them the most they will answer the call.

The last quick thing I will say is Kat HAS TO STAY OUT OF FOUL TROUBLE. Can this team win without Kat? They probably could a game or two but you aren’t winning this series if Kat doesn’t step up big time. We know Kat is prone to silly mistakes but if he can limit those that will be so massive for us. I have faith in Kat even though the history says otherwise. Everything has changed now and I believe Kat has changed with it.

This will be a battle no matter how it plays out. We will need to have a lot of things I was talking about go right if we want to win but it is very possible. As a Minnesota fan, all I care about is that we have a chance and we sure as hell do. Regardless of how it ends up going, we just have to enjoy the ride. I have a good feeling about this but if we lose don’t let it ruin this magical season. Here is a little something from The Daily Wolves to get you hyped. WOLVES IN!!!!

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