The Gophers Are A WAGON

Gophers Hockey

The Gophers have started their season with a bang and made a statement in College hockey. After last nights victory over Michigan, they are 8-0 for the first time in OVER 30 YEARS. Minnesota hasn’t seen success of this level since Neal Broten was on the ice with Herb Brooks at the helm. While the boys today aren’t getting annihilated in practice, out-skating the entire league, or beating the Russians in the Olympics, they are finding other ways to win.

93% of goals scored for the Gophers last year came from players who have returned to the team this year. That’s the highest rate in the NCAA this year and one of the highest rates ever. A prime example is returning senior Scott Reedy who is now tied for the NCAA scoring lead. With all that firepower, they’re not necessarily playing run and gun hockey. In fact, they’re not even in the top 10 for goals per game. Normally in today’s fast-pace and skill-driven hockey, this would be a point of concern. Fortunately, the Gophers don’t need elite scoring numbers with the other talent on their roster. They just need to remember what Minnesota hockey is about and where it came from.

“Sometimes you’ve got to go back, to actually move forward”

A Diamond in the Rough

Jack LaFontaine is a certified stud. That’s it, that’s the take. After having transferred from Michigan two years ago, he had a rough start to his first season. Since then, he finished strong and has since settled in nicely this year. So far the net minder has allowed just 8 goals through 8 games including two critical shutouts. Those are soccer scores folks, and not the kind where you give up 3 goals in 18 minutes. If the Gophers are a wagon (and they are) then LaFontaine is the Ox at the forefront.

Jack, LaFontaine, 100% Certified Stud

If the returning talent up front and stellar play between the pipes isn’t enough for you, there’s more. This team’s defensive front is currently PERFECT on penalty kills through eight games. That’s zero goals allowed on SEVENTEEN opportunities with a short-handed goal in their favor if that weren’t enough. What’s maybe even more impressive is the fact that the Gophers have not trailed in a game for one second this far into the season.

Making Some Noise

There weren’t a lot of expectations for the Gophers this year. Sure, the homers will always have blind faith and 10k tried to tell you, but they got no respect during the preseason. After coming into the season ranked at 14, they quickly climbed up to #4 in the nation to begin this week. With another series sweep and North Dakota losing to Denver last night, they have a good shot at climbing even higher.

It’s 2020 and you can say the Gophers are undefeated after facing Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan State, and Michigan. You’re not going to get that anywhere else. Every year on College GameDay, you hear about how long it’s been since Michigan beat Ohio State at football. Well, as of this year it’s been TWENTY YEARS since Michigan beat Minnesota in Hockey. What an absolute loser school.

As a UMD alum, it pains me to write nice things about the Gophers. I absolutely hate playing tummy-sticks, but nobody can deny that this Gophers team is a Wagon. I can’t wait to watch the Bulldogs beat them in March.

Go Dogs