The Gophers Are Dancing! (In The NIT)


With selection Sunday in the past, we now officially get to look forward to arguably the best two-week stretch of the betting/sports year… March Madness. Everyone wants to dance, but not everyone gets the chance. Luckily, the Gophers are one of the teams dancing this March. The only problem is we are dancing our way to the NIT, not the NCAA tournament. Bummer.

They face off against Butler on Tuesday @ 8 PM CST.

This will be the Gopher’s 14th official NIT appearance and our first since winning it in 2014. Overall the Gophers have a 27-12 record in NIT games and will look to build on that record over the next couple weeks. It will also be the 5th time in school history facing off against Butler, with the Gophers currently holding a 3-1 lead on the head-to-head matchups.

2014 NIT Highlights.

The Gophers Path To Another “Title”

Is this considered a title? It feels more like a friendship tournament to me.

2024 NIT bracket: Schedule, TV channels for the men's tournament |

Honestly, the Gophers have a chance to run the table. We ended the year like shit, hence why we didn’t get a home game to start off the tournament. Butler will be a tough matchup for the Gophers, but if they could sneak a win out, I think they match up super well with the first 4 out team, Indiana State. Once you get past those two games, I predict we either have Loyola Chicago or get the honor to play Dana Beers “Cincinnati Bearcats”.

On the subject of Dana Beers, check out “Its A Bit” for the complete interview with Dana Beers.

So technically with my wins we are in the “final four”…. and guess who might be waiting for us when we get there… Fucking IOWA. I mean seriously, who the fuck put those fuckheads in the NIT?! How stupid.

Championship Against Frank The Tank Fleming

So, if all the stars align how I want them, we are in the championship. I mean beating Iowa to get to the NIT championship? That would be a celebration within itself. But who will be waiting for us once we get to the championship? My prediction? Seton Hall. Frank might finally get to see a championship again.

If you missed his epic rant yesterday after finding out Seton Hall was “snubbed” of the tournament here you go. True gold.

I mean what a championship run that would be. Fuck losing in the first round of the tournament, we will just win the goddamn NIT.

My favorite part is I don’t give two shits about the NIT, but then will be screaming at my TV tomorrow night because, at the end of the day, sports are sports. If you’re playing you might as well win, so as a fan I’m going to be fully invested in this spectacular NIT run. Someone find me some betting odds, I NEED JUICE ON THE GOPHERS.

What’s Next?

Is there a chance the Gophers lose tomorrow and this entire championship run I just spoke about will be toast? Yup, and a pretty damn good chance. But guess what else can happen? A championship run to boost morale and momentum into a big year next year. The Big 10 is growing and good transfers will want to find their way in. Put on a show for the players watching and I almost guarantee one decent transfer will pick us over his other choices.

Thoughts on the NIT?

What are ur thoughts on the NIT? Do you think it’s stupid or a perfect scenario for a team to grow together?

One thing for certain Tom Crean is NOT a fan of one bit of this list of teams opting out.

Would this be the best NIT ever?

Do not mess with Tom Crean when it comes to opting out of the NIT.

Tommy Boy makes a ton of great points. You only have so many chances to play competitive basketball. If your team is healthy get ur ass out there and play some basketball.

Godspeed. And Go Gophers.

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