The Integrity of Building Cup Snakes Has Been Shattered

Booze Everything Else Lacrosse

The Houston Astros, the New England Patriots, and the Colorado Mammoth all have something in common…they cheat. The break the rules.

For some context… On November 30th, 2021, we partnered with the Minnesota Wild to break the world record for the longest verified beer cup snake at 247 feet:

Being a beer cup snake engineer is serious business, especially when you’re inebriated

Fast forward to March 18th 2022, the Colorado Mammoth, a box lacrosse team playing in the National Lacrosse League decided to cheat the entire system and just stack brand new, reusable, empty cups with not a drop of beer (or pop, we don’t judge) in them:

To give credit where it is due, all of the pieces were there:

It was done at a Lacrosse game

As a sport that is trying to grow, Lacrosse is the perfect place to perform a snake because it will drive people to follow the sport, go to the games, and be exposed to the teams. Fact is, cup snakes are fun and fun gets asses in seats. It’s the exact same reason why the St.Paul Saints are such a successful minor league baseball team, they understand the atmosphere is everything and guerrilla marketing is the best marketing.

Someone Actually TRIED to Break our Record

We’ve always had this dream to participate in a shootout style rivalry with another team/city where we are constantly one upping each-other and beating world record for the longest snake. Trying to break your own record just gets old after a while. Do you think Joey Chestnut actually has fun on the 4th of July? Probably not anymore since every year he’s just trying to break his own record and hit the over. No, he is probably begging for another Takeru Kobayashi to help write a historic rivalry with.

They used reusable cups

As someone who has engineered 3 cup snakes, Planet Earth comes first. After the Minnesota Wild cup snake, the entire 10K Takes crew stayed and helped the Wild recycle every single cup. I understand that reusable cups is better for the planet, but stacking 311 feet worth of aluminum cups that you will definitely have to wash later is an extreme waste of resources.

The verdict

While this had the potential to be a cool thing, it wasn’t. Part of the accomplishment of making a beer snake is knowing that you spent a ton of money and got absolutely clipped for an actual purpose other than being bored in the middle of winter at a sporting event.

If we lived life by taking cups out of a box and just stacking them, all of our cities would collapse. We would all be a bunch of frauds. For the integrity of the cup snake game and the preservation of its history, please don’t think of this as a world record or even a cup snake, because it wasn’t. Leave the cup snakes to the experts, Colorado Mammoth.