The KAT Disrespect Has to Stop


Karl-Anthony Towns has been nothing but loyal to this poverty franchise. He is a good guy and doesn’t really cause issues. He has accepted being the #2 now and has excelled. That doesn’t stop people from hating on him because of his “voice” and being “zesty”. This unwarranted, stupid disrespect has to stop.

Kat may be goofy but people genuinely hate him for that. He is hated more than guys like Miles Bridges who literally beat his partner’s ass. Like what are we doing? He is averaging 23 and 9 on one of the best teams in the league and STILL gets hate. It just doesn’t make a lick of sense.


One thing that has really annoyed me lately is the Thunder. SGA has these embarrassing captions on Instagram talking shit. Now that is cringe. They are in the comments making fun of Kat after they beat us. Now that is cringe. This video below, now that is cringe. Yet Kat is the one who gets called cringe because of his voice, that is literally all it is too. People can’t even come up with valid reasons to hate him. Yet you have a whole team of goofballs on the Thunder and people love it.

Like I am not even trying to be a hater but if Kat made this video…..he would be getting KILLED online. It isn’t that I’m now mad at these guys, it is Kat who gets so much unwarranted hate for stuff that has zero to do with his basketball ability. It is so annoying for a guy who has been so loyal to us. He gets hate from everyone, but for Wolves fans to shit on him is just so sad to see. Elite, loyal guys don’t come around often. Let’s treat them right when they do.

Unwarranted Hate

Even after Kat scored 62 he was getting shredded. Saying he is why we lost, he made it about himself. Never, ever did I think I would see a guy score 60 and get ripped online. The standards are just infinitely higher for Kat I guess, sad. D Book dropped 60 yesterday and I bet he won’t get shredded. It is just annoying when there is nothing Kat can do to get people to even respect him. He deserves better.

Goofball Tim Legler said no one seemed to care when he scored 60. That his teammates must not like him. A national media guy has bought into it without knowing anything. This is the problem because now he is spreading misinformation and is going to make more people hate Kat for no reason. Do better Tim Legler you clown.

Just look at these tweets, what exactly is he doing to warrant these comments? It is the running joke in the league now so no matter what he can’t win. It just sucks because he is a good person and a good teammate yet he gets this hate because he is a little “goofy”


I am so upset because I have been a fan for a long time. Kat has been through some of the worst possible seasons and stayed loyal. Rarely ever complained about it and just put his head down and played. That wasn’t good enough I guess. Now he isn’t a “winner”, he is “soft”, he is “zesty” and “cringe”.

It shouldn’t make me that upset but he just deserves a lot better than this. The fact that his own fanbase does it too sucks. All I want is for people to stop hating him for stuff that makes no sense. If he does stuff on the court that warrants hate, go for it. To destroy him for the other stuff though is so annoying. Respect the man a little and give him his flowers. He is a vital reason we are where we are right now.

Some people may hate you Kat but the real fans don’t. Keep hooping and hopefully, one day soon you can shut everyone up with a ring. HOWLLLLLLLL!!

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