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The Latest Loki Episode has Broken Our Brains


Well, well. Another week down, another episode of Loki in the books. With only two episodes left to wrap everything up on the Sacred Timeline, our bloggers have put their heads down to try and make heads and tails of what the hell just happened. Let’s get right to the roundtable.

Oh, and, uhhh… Spoiler warning from here on out. Once again, if you clicked on something about Loki and haven’t seen it at this point, that’s on you, but the rules of the Internet require us to tell you that we’re going to spoiler something.

What was your immediate reaction when Loki got pruned?

Coleman: I was a little surprised. He was (probably) just about to tell Sylvie he’s into her before getting pruned and it kinda ruined the moment. If there’s someone who can come back from death, it’s our boy Loki. You can’t keep a good man God down. Actually though, you can’t really kill the guy the series is named after in just the 4th episode.

Dev: This gif will suffice:

It made me very sad.

Marlow: So if I said I was surprised I’d be lying. When I saw they didn’t prune Ravonna Renslayer during the fight scene I knew something bad was going to happen, but I didn’t expect it to be the male Loki that got pruned.

Lancman: Ultimate sadness. Him and Sylvie were getting close and BANG! EVAPORATED. Fuck that bitch. 

Veech: I believe I audibly let out a “Well where the fuck is he going now”. It’s over halfway through the season, but still far too early to lose the main character while others are developing. If this were the penultimate episode, I may have been more worried it would be the last we seen of him. It was the most unpredictably predictable sequence in the series so far. You can never turn your back on an enemy if they’ve only been knocked out, you just can’t do it. Then, he was taking forever spitting out his feelings (whomst among us can’t relate) and just set it up.

Tim: “OHHH, WHAT THE FUCK!!” – then got to the post credits where he lands in another Universe/Dimension/Purgatory with 3 Different Loki’s per the Credits. And now I’m terribly confused as to what’s going on

Zooch: For a split second, I was very sad. Then I realized Loki has died like 3-4 times in the MCU’s history and usually all is “well” but they had me in the first half. That post credit scene was fuckin’ amazing, Croki boutta run this shit.


Did you get sad when Mobius was pruned?

Dev: See my above gif.

Tim: I wasn’t as surprised, because he was siding with Loki & Sylvie after finding out all TVA employees were actually kidnapped from a previous life, memories erased, and made slaves of the agency. It was only a matter of time he would be a casualty.

Coleman: Kinda. Owen Wilson’s characters are always relatable, and I want nothing more than for him to ride a jet-ski while yelling “WOW!” at some point in this series. But, at the same time, I recently watched the OG Pokemon Movie with my nephews and still have the Ash turning to stone scene fresh in my mind. Compared to that, nothing makes me sad.

Marlow: Fuck yeah I got sad. It’s been a while since I’ve liked an Owen (wow) Wilson character, and I REALLY like this character. He comes across as a genuinely good guy and in the short time this show has existed he’s sold me on him.

Awes: Before the mid-credits scene, Mobius’s pruning was going to cause me to never look at “Jet Skis” the same way ever again so yes, I was extremely sad.

Lancman: I was sad when Mobius was pruned. I was really starting to hate him but he finally opened his eyes and was ready to achieve greatness and BANG EVAPORATED. That hurt to see. As he would have said, WOWW.

Veech: A little. Something I’ve been wanting to see since Sylvie showed that the other agents had previous lives is what his was like before the TVA. Based on how Sylvie was taken, it doesn’t seem like there needed to be a Nexus event for anyone to have a “reason” to be apprehended. Something tells me that we’ll get to see that and the series may end with him riding on a jet ski. *reference the Tiger King scene with that big boy narc riding his jet ski with those ridiculous sunglasses on*

Zooch: Does a bear shit in the woods? Of fuckin’ course, that was tragic. Every time Loki gets a supporter or a close friend, tragedy strikes. Here’s to hoping Loki saves his new best friend. My man needs a support system something FIERCE. 

So the Timekeepers aren’t real…is anything real?

Marlow: This is a mind fuck question. I’m a narcissist like Loki and thought I had everything figured out. I was upset about this, more so because I was wrong than anything else. I’m genuinely trying to figure out where they go from here, and I have no clue as to what path they will go. I do think this has all been real, but how they come back from this is puzzling.

Coleman: No. Art is a lie. Money isn’t real. Governments aren’t legitimate. The curse on Minnesota Sports is fake. (OK, that is probably real, but you get the point). Also, the Timekeepers may still be real, they’re just not the TVA.

Awes: Yeah I can’t say I’m really surprised that the Timekeepers ended up being a massive red herring (at least that’s what the show is trying to tell us now) but I still think there’s SOMEONE/SOMETHING pulling the strings at the TVA. If not, then I have absolutely no clue as to what is actually going on. 

Lancman: Clearly nothing is real. That’s obvious at this point, hurts to say. I could barely even hear those lizard fucks because they sounded so nasty and then they were just robots. Didn’t expect it. The world is an illusion. 

Veech: An episode ago, I would have believed anyone if they had told me that Renslayer was the “big baddie” and only pretended to be a pawn. After seeing her as a young “hunter” in this episode, that’s out the door for me. She obviously knows what’s going on and it’s not what we’ve been told to believe.

Tim: This scene was actually corny and awesome at the same time. But when it turned out the Timekeepers are simply Puppet Droids, it was a major twist adding another layer to this story. 

Zooch: Yeah everything happening is real, this isn’t some Hex that Wanda created cause she missed vision. I’ve said since the start there is a “secret” villain at work here whether it is Kang (Ravonna Renslayers’ love interest in the comics), Miss Minutes innocent lookin ass, or maybe Mephisto…… just kidding that ship sailed with WandaVision……. or did it?

What was the best moment of this Loki episode?

Awes: I mean it has to be the end credits reveal of Team Loki, right?? Richard E. Grant showing up as “Classic Loki” was quite the reveal. Oh and there’s a “Kid Loki” HOLDING AN ALLIGATOR LOKI?!?! No clue where that’s going but I’m all for it.

Veech: As is usually the case, the post-credits scene was my favorite. I’d happily pay the $15/month for the Marvel Masterclass of how to do those. In under 30 seconds they always manage to create more intrigue and buzz than anything else on the internet. All of the other Loki variants just staring at our familiar one was comical, comforting, and confusing all at the same time.

Zooch: While the whole episode was a banger, the post credit scene had me hyped for the last 2 episode. I mean Croki, Kid Loki, Boastful Loki; and Classic Loki, there is a lot of shit at work and I can’t wait to see what they do with it.

Dev: I’ll stray from the pack. Obviously the credits scene is VERY exciting. So I’ll go with Mobius interrogating Loki and realizing Loki and Sylvie had a bit of a thing to cause the clone bone nexus event, which culminates in Mobius calling Loki an incredible, seismic narcissist. The whole scene is terrific, but that moment gave us a line I will definitely be using in the future.

Tim: I’ll be different too. Honestly, for me, it was when when Mobius was pruned. Not because he was pruned, but because of the way it hit Loki. While he loves being the God of Mischief, there is good in him, and Mobius slowly became a friend. Now, depending on where he’s currently located, Loki is definitely going to be out for Vengeance. He also has built a connection with Sylvie and the two will try to find each other to destroy whoever is behind the TVA. That was great television.

Will Kang the Conquerer be involved in some capacity?

Marlow: Can’t lie, I’m not a big enough dork to know who Kang is. Now I’m scared to read into it because I enjoy the genuine shock that comes each Wednesday. Fuck you, Dev.

Dev: Kang the Conquerer is a time traveling supervillain who is from the 31st century and is a descendant of Reed Richards. He’s confirmed to appear in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. He is also a love interest of one Ravonna Renslayer. I think, ultimately, he won’t appear in front of our favorite Variants but it will be similar to when Thanos popped up in the stinger of the first Avengers movie.

Tim: Admittedly I had to look up who Kang the Conqueror is/was in the Marvel Universe. After reading about his back story, having multiple versions of himself across multiple timelines. The internet’s favorite theory that has taken off is that Kang is behind the TVA, wanting to control all timelines. It would make sense he is the Master of Puppets in this story. If it’s not him pulling the strings, I then have zero idea as to what is going on.

Coleman: 100%. They also teased him in the Shang-Chi trailer. I couldn’t be more excited. As the master of time, he’s perfect to act as the main antagonist for this series. Also, in the comics, he does have multiple forms (variants), and I believe we may encounter multiple of them, specifically Immortus

Awes: I sure hope so because I’m not really sure who the next Big Bad is going to be in the MCU after Thanos. I don’t think Kang should have substantial screen time in Loki seeing as there’s only 2 episodes left but an ominous introduction (similar to Thano’s intro into the MCU) would be a great way to set up the MCU’s direction going forward.

Lancman: I’m not sure. There are theories he is behind the fake Timekeepers. Would be pretty cool if it’s the case but I guess we will find out. 

Veech: Without question, Kang will be involved in some capacity. I called out “The middle Timekeeper” in the last episode and after some Twitter pics and old comic clips surfaced, that’s very clearly Kang himself. For a franchise focusing on time and space travel with Nexus Events, there isn’t a traditional villain more suited to play a major role than Kang.

Zooch: Yes, I do believe Kang will be involved and it will lead to his role in Ant Man’s next movie. Whether he appears to help Renslayer escape Sylvie’s grasp or he is outed as the main person running the TVA, he will be involved. 

With two Loki episodes left, what is your most ridiculous Loki take/theory/prediction?

Coleman: Buckle up, because I have a few (WARNING: LOT’S OF DEEP-CUT COMIC REFERENCES). First: Sylvie isn’t actually a “Loki”. In the comics, there is a character named Sylvie, who is born in Oklahoma, who gets her powers from Loki during an encounter with the God of Mischief. However, there is also a Lady Loki in the comics, so I could be off on this one. Second: Kang is 100% behind all of this, and may be the final villain for Phase 4. The characters who were pruned aren’t actually gone (obviously).

This kind of goes with my theory of Kang the Conqueror (or one of his many variants) being the main villain in charge of the TVA. As comic book Immortus, the real time-keepers (aliens from the future that we haven’t met yet) made Kang the Lord of Limbo (which may be in the MCU as the Quantum Realm?), a pocket dimension outside of the different timelines where time doesn’t exist.

Instead of conquering timelines, they wanted him to extend them. Also, his home city of Chronopolis is located in Limbo, so it works out pretty well. Third: I’m thinking we get a big, bad-ass showdown between the several different Loki variants and Kang. And that battle leads into the next Ant-Man pretty well. Hell, the whole timeline shenanigans may even tie in with the anticipated Spiderverse and Dr. Strange’s Multiverse of Madness. All I’m sure of is everything about to get wild, and I’m here for it.

Lancman: My ultimate random prediction is that a Loki is behind it. Does that even make sense? Probably not but shit I feel that would be the ultimate mind fuck. At this point I don’t have a really good clue on who is. Maybe after next week that will change. 

Tim: As we all know, Loki was killed by Thanos at the beginning of Infinity War. While I’m looking forward to Thor: Love & Thunder, it would be strange not having the God of Mischief involved. While I have zero clue who Loki, the other Lokis, and Sylvie fight to get free of the TVA, I think normal Loki, survives in the end due to a sacrifice by his potential new love, Sylvie. By surviving this story, it gives a perfect opportunity for him to rejoin his Brother Thor, whether he is an antagonist or ally.

Sylvie is someone else that I think will be interesting in the future of the MCU. After re-watching all episodes, my view on the story completely changed. At first I viewed Sylvie as an evil villain, when in fact she is trying to free all TVA Employees/Variants who were abducted from their previous lives. While she’s angry for having to live the life she’s had, she will be the hero at the end of the day in this show. I fear she will sacrifice her life in some way, but would be happy seeing her survive to join Loki in reconnecting with Thor

Marlow: In the last blog I went extremely long term with my prediction.  If I had to guess, what happened is that when the 2 Loki’s were connecting it started to create the branch off of the timeline. We saw it get near the red but never saw it cross it. My assumption is this “reality” is a branching off point because it did reach the red and the timeline is broken. I think Sylvie will use Ravonna to get back to the normal timeline to bring all those people back, and get back to finding the real Timekeepers. (If they are indeed real) I fucking hate how much this show makes me think. I’m better off in my dumb stupid mind.

Zooch: Sadly my Loki take is that he will die for real, much like Vision at the end of WandaVision. But don’t stress Marvel fans, Sylvie (Lady Loki x Enchantress) will take over as the main timeline’s Goddess of Mischief at the end of this series. 

loki episode

Awes: Alright this theory is one that’s going to be confirmed right away in Episode 5. Loki was pruned in a Loki-conquered New York. His pruning took him to an alternate reality where Loki defeated the Avengers and has taken over New York/Earth. In the shot of the other Loki’s, it looks like a very destroyed Avengers Tower. Loki will meet these other Loki Variants who might be other Loki’s that invaded Earth with the Chitauri and from there he can see first hand that his perceived glorious purpose of ruling would only lead to death and destruction. This would continue to give this Loki the needed character development that the Thanos-snapped-neck-Loki had throughout their run in the MCU. Like I have previously said however, I am notoriously bad at predictions so I expect to be completely wrong with this one in the first 5 minutes of episode 5.

Veech: I don’t know that this falls into the “ridiculous” category or not, but I can see the series setting up Lady Loki (Sylvie) to re-join the “traditional” MCU in some capacity instead of the Tom Hiddleston version. I’m not sure how that would play out with the rest of the character. I’m also not sure how they would interact, given “old Loki’s” antics, but I’m sure it would be fun!

Dev: We got Gator Loki…will we get Throgg??? My real theory is that the TVA’s real mission is all a ploy to free Kang. The Sacred Timeline is the Timeline where Kang actually wins. There are theories about the TVA existing in the Quantum Realm and this is a continuation of that.

Kang was fucking around with the timeline when he accidentally caused an event in the past that resulted in him getting erased from the Timeline. Knowing he only had a short amount of time before he would be gone forever, he fled to the Quantum Realm with his longtime girlfriend, Ravonna. The two of them created the TVA, and the myth of the Timekeepers, to restore Kang’s Sacred Timeline. We won’t actually see Kang, but Ravonna is gonna name drop him as she explains her glorious purpose. Kang wiped himself from existence until he can figure out a way to return to existence. He has become Schrödinger’s Kang.

Tune in next week for the penultimate episode of Loki, and of course, our takes.