The Magic Fired Their Social Media Worker Because Of Black Dick!

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Now and then you come across that viral social media post that you know will be in the Internet Hall of Fame for eternity. Yesterday, Gradey Dick & Anthony Black gave us one of those exact moments.

After the Magic beat the Raptors yesterday, class of 23′ rookies Anthony Black & Gradey Dick decided to have some fun with their jersey swap because as two 20-year-old guys, why wouldn’t you do this if you had the chance? There was a 2% chance in my brain that this was a coincidence just because they were in the same draft class, and I’m sure have battled numerous times throughout their life. But once you see this video you know for certain this was two 20-year-olds looking to crack some people’s nuts by having their jerseys say “black dick”

HAHAHAHAHA so immature but hilarious. If I was 20 years old and my name was Gradey Dick, I would do this in a heartbeat. I’d probably even flip sides quickly for another photo just to have a photo says “black dick” too. But anyway, back to the reason we are here.

As you can see in my first photo, the Magic tweeted out the photo and threw the caption “class of 23′ “on it. It later got deleted, but well after the “damage” was done. The post was mega-viral, instantly.

Then came this post.

(Who knows if it’s real)

Whoever posted it did nothing wrong IMO. He posted a photo of two friends jersey swapping and put the caption “class of 23” on it. What did you want him to do? Post the photo with a caption like “Black Dick” on it? Have some fun, we are all adults here. What’s wrong with two guys with the last name “Black & Dick” just having a little fun with their last names. If anything, you should be thanking your social media guy while giving him a raise. This is the most attention you guys have had on your bum-ass franchise since Dwight Howard was in the dunk contests.

My Request To The Magic

I only have one request to the Magic, and that’s to rehire the guy you fired. If you don’t, I might fly my ass down to Florida and protest. Or maybe I’ll bet on you guys every game the rest of the year. I promise the way I lose you guys would somehow miss the playoffs; you DO NOT want this one-man army. You also need to think about all the Dicks and Blacks you are hurting out there. How do you think they feel knowing their last name is getting people fired?

Final Thoughts

I hate your franchise now. You fired a guy for doing his job. Think about how many Black Dick jerseys were selling in those moments yesterday. Sad. Just rehire the guy if you want any chance of a playoff run. Otherwise, enjoy the curse because it starts now.

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This is kinda fucked up tbh.

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