The Nightmare is Over

The Miguel Sano Nightmare is Almost Over

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The Miguel Sano Nightmare is Almost Over
Miguel Sano’s Time is Coming to an End in Minnesota, thus ends the nightmare

Almost immediately after getting off of the 60-day IL, Miguel Sano has found himself hurt once more. 6 at-bats to be more specific.

The poor guy can’t seem to catch a break and is now on the 10-day IL, which has been retroactively bumped back up to the 60-day IL. With or without this new injury, I think it’s almost safe to say that the Miguel Sano nightmare is almost over. It has to be, right?

Minnesota Twitter Legend Brandon Warne from @accesstwins agrees

We’re Seeing The Worst of Miguel Sano

Even though he has only played 20 games this season, Sano has looked extremely lost at the plate. He’s hitting a pathetic .083 at the plate. Through all the bad times (in fairness, it’s only being 20 games), this is easily the worst we have ever seen from Sano.

We all knew after a few seasons that he’d never be anything more than a .240 hitter. But with that vicious swing that rarely makes contact comes a lot of potential to hit the longball. Given how the league has gone to a power first, contact later approach, Sano’s strikeouts were acceptable. Now that the home runs are gone, Sano is as useless as a Lifeguard at the Olympics. He looks like he’d fit in on the 1-21 10K Takes Softball Team… but I don’t think he’d do well in that league either. Through all the bad times, this is easily the worst we have ever seen from Sano.

Sano is very useless. Much like the lifeguard (back)
Miguel Sano being watched by an equally useless, Olympic Lifeguard

Don’t get me wrong, Sano has been fucking unbearable to watch for a long time now, but this is a new level of bad.

He could never make adjustments long term

What is arguably the most frustrating part of the last 7 years with Sano is the lack of adjustments.

Baseball is a game of adjustments. Players are expected to do that every at bat and continue to adjust throughout their careers. We all expected this year to year from Sano at the dish, but the lack of adjustments is telling of who he is as a ball player; stubborn and/or stupid.

To his credit, he gives the illusion that it he is making adjustments. He’ll tear it up for a week or two every season then revert back to his old ways. He still chases the breaking ball in the dirt and now, while he’s in the “best shape of his career”, can’t catch up to the fastball. Sano’s K% (percent of AB’s that resulted in a strikeout) has never been below 34%. For reference, the League average is usually in the 22% range. That alone is all we need to prove that nothing has changed, nor will it any time soon.

Nothing has changed year to year. He does the same dumb shit every season. It sucks because we’ve all accepted it. As a fan, I selfishly want nothing but success for the man, but I feel like I also enjoy dumping on him to prove the Sano apologists wrong.

Is he worth the $10 million he’s being paid this year? Fuck no. Does he have a spot on the team? Not if he’s worth negative WAR. What also sucks is that we can’t just unload him either. Nobody in their right mind would give us anything of value for him. At this point, I’d take a bag of fucking peanuts and maybe a vodka red-bull.

Thank you for the memories Sano, but time to go

This team has survived with and without him this season. It’s time to let Sano go at the end of the year. He has a $3 million buyout next year and if the Twins are serious about winning, they’ll go that route.

Despite all the strikeouts, boneheaded at-bats, and blunders in the field, it was a fun ride.

Sano was an All-Star in 2017 and participated in the Home Run Derby where he finished 2nd to likely 2022 AL MVP, Aaron Judge. He currently has 162 home runs and a lifetime batting average of .234. One of those 162 home runs will be more memorable than the others. Last year, Sano hit one 495 feet at Fenway Park. It cleared the left center billboard.

If I am to remember anything about Sano in a Minnesota Twins uniform, it’ll be his power for sure. It’s just a damn shame that we didn’t get to see more of it due to his inability to remain on the field and perform while on it.

If this is the end, and I hope to god it is, I wish nothing but the best for Sano. He created a lot of memories for us fans over the last 7 years.

Good luck, Miguel.