The Milwaukee Bucks Have Fans?


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that the NBA is in the middle of the Finals. A masterfully crafted spectacle of overpaid prima-donnas! While I am no NBA fan; this year’s Finals matchup between the Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks is a breath of fresh air. Providing some much-needed parity with regard to who is about to win and who we all are rooting for in this series. But one question keeps popping in my head throughout the series “when did Milwaukee get fans?

Milwaukee Has Fans?

Prior to Milwaukee beating the Brooklyn Nets to advance to the Finals, it was rare for me to spot someone wearing Bucks gear. Whether it was just running errands or even during the team’s run to the Finals. Now, that is not necessarily a groundbreaking revelation. Yet I feel that when a team has been up and coming for a few years, has stars, and made some playoff runs, that they would have more fans wearing their gear. From the Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Lighting to even the Cleveland Browns.

It is not shocking to see these teams be represented in public on any given day. Yet when it comes to the Bucks, it has been rare. So when people began coming into the brewery I work at wearing Bucks gear and jerseys and asking for the game on, I was stunned. I had no clue they had this many fans. Personally, I know two. Outside of that, I did not know they existed.

Hop On The Bandwagon

It appears that the Bucks have fans finally coming out of the woodwork. Creeping out of the closet. Even asking each other if they can finally root for a team that is not the god damn Packers. You know, because you can only root for the best in Wisconsin. Not that it’s because no one wants to live there.

Seriously, are we meant to believe that this many people have been fans of the Bucks for more than a decade? I smell bullshit.

This is not an indictment of the true fans, either. Those people are the OGs. Nor one of those individuals solely rooting for the Bucks. This is all about those people who act like they have been fans since birth yet can’t even pronounce “Giannis” correctly. Just how us Vikings fans or some Wolves fans will feel towards a lot of people if their organizations ever get their shit together. No one wants a bandwagon fan.

Forget #FearTheDeer

All the while, we have to deal with the Bucks’ obnoxious ass slogan, #FearTheDeer. While an excellent hashtag to flaunt, it has become a thing of its own. With so many people jumping on the bandwagon for the Bucks and this slogan, the Suns better god damn wrap this thing up in five games. Because instead of #FearThe Deer, I want Milwaukee to #FearTheTear when they ultimately lose and have to go back to being cheese weasels 11 months out of the year.

In short, Milwaukee is a trash town with trash people and a basketball team that really only has bandwagon fans. Fuck Wisconsin.