The Minnesota Timberwolves Are the Best Team in the NBA


Your Minnesota Timberwolves are off to a great start. There were a few bumps the first few games but since then things have been clicking at a high level. Is this the best team in the NBA?

The last time we talked we just came off a huge win against the Nuggets. I feared they would do what they usually do and play down to a bad team after. Well, that didn’t happen. Instead, they smacked the Jazz then followed that up with a clutch win against the Celtics. Then, they took care of business against the undermanned Pels, Wemby’s Spurs and the Warriors. Finch called them out after the Nuggets game, saying they need to stack games like that. They answered the call. 


The calling card of this team early on is defense. That’s something I didn’t think I would ever say being a Wolves fan, maybe times are truly changing. So far it has all started inside with Rudy, anchoring this defense at the elite level he has been known for. It doesn’t stop there though. 

There’s like 6 wolves that rank in the top 20 of defensive rating. I know the team is #1 overall but that’s still crazy. Just to see the difference from last year to right now is outstanding. There is a long way to go but this looks very sustainable. If this is legit, they should be a top team regardless of anything else. 


Anthony Edwards, what more needs to be said. People were expecting a year 4 jump but this drastic and this early on is special. We knew Ant was becoming a star, but he is becoming a legitimate SUPERSTAR right in front of our eyes. Something that hasn’t happened since KG. So as a Wolves fan who has only been tortured, this genuinely brings a tear to my eye. 

What is truly special to watch is the clutch factor with Ant. I get sometimes Ant gets a little sticky with the ball and takes bad shots in these situations. It’s very hard to blame him though when he is making them, he wants the big moment and is doing a great job dominating it. What he did to the Celtics is the perfect example.

He has just been so special. He’s taking on the challenge on defense and winning it quite often. To have this level of dog in him on both ends of the ball in the clutch, wow. It’s Mj like or Kobe. To see this as a Wolves fan is surreal. He just needs to limit the turnovers and keep getting better with his playmaking and he can be a top 10 player by the time this season is over. Here are a few more of Ants highlights from the Warriors game that just wrapped up.

Draymond, you should have kept your big fat mouth shut. You awoke Ant at a bad time. Draymond jawed with Ant after a foul saying, “What you gonna do about?” Well Draymond, you sure as hell aren’t going to do anything you washed up bum. Who does he think he is at this point of his career? This Warriors team is just so annoying and it got worse with CP3. He tried taking out Conley today with a dirty play, not surprising. It’s just beautiful seeing us battle and beat the best teams.

I want to keep rambling but this is already too long so I’ll just shoutout the last few things. Shoutout Mike (bite bite) for being an elite floor general to start this year. He has the highest AST/TO ratio in the league. He is doing his job to a T. Shoutout to the bench unit, they have been amazing. Also, shoutout KAT, he started the season bad but has found his rhythm. Screw the noise and keep balling KAT.

This could be the best Wolves season of all time, definitely in my fandom. I can’t wait to keep talking with you guys. It’s fun to finally be able to be excited every single night about this team.

Now, do I actually think we are better than the Nuggets? Ehhh hard to really believe that, but we are at least top 5 at worst. Regardless I’m going to say it, this is the best team in the NBA. WOLVES BACK!!