The Minnesota Timberwolves Are The Worst At Drafting In NBA History

The Minnesota Timberwolves win the NBA Draft Lottery

The Timberwolves Suck at Drafting

And I truly mean SUCK. What a depressing article to write as a Wolves diehard. This picture may forever be talked about in NBA circles with drafting 2 players back to back over Steph Curry. I’m convinced the Wolves would have screwed up the 2003 Lebron Draft if they had the chance. As I got past the Steph Wolves draft blunder, the more I dug the worse it got. Recent History has been better for the Wolves with drafting Anthony Edwards at 1 and Jaden McDaniels late in the first round. But what could have been is tough to swallow.

The Wolves All-Timers

If you are watching the NBA finals, does a guy named Jamal Murray ring a bell? If only the Wolves were in a position to draft him the year after taking one of his Best friends Number 1 overall in Karl Anthony Towns.

Oh, wait. That’s right. I forgot.

We were. All thanks to everyone’s favorite coach to hate. Tom Thibodeau was so worried about the defense we took Kris Dunn who, last time I checked, hasn’t played a game in a full year and is out of the league. Meanwhile Murray is playing a heavy hand in leading Denver to the NBA finals and a soon to be championship.

Speaking of Jamal Murray… On the same team, slightly different scenario, the Wolves had a chance to draft 2-time MVP and soon-to-be Finals MVP Nikola Jokic. He’s pretty good at basketball.

In fairness to the Timberwolves, literally every other team in the NBA passed on Jokic at least once. But man that has to make you wonder what if…

Let’s move on, and rewind to 2011.. if this name has a little sting to it I truly apologize. The #2 overall pick Derrick Williams. He didn’t even make it two full seasons’ worth of games before being traded. Do you know how bad you have to be to only last two years on a team?

The worst part of it all was Mychal Thompson was begging Flip Saunders (RIP) to take his son, a guy you may have heard of named Klay Thompson.

Again… what could have been.

Why don’t we go back just a year prior? In 2010 the Wolves drafted Wes Johnson at #4 overall who, like Derrick Williams, only lasted two years with the Wolves. One pick later… Demarcus “Boogie” Cousins. Sigh… he made Sacramento Cool? I’ll give anyone a dollar if they can name one cool thing about Sacramento in the next minute. Go ahead… I’ll wait.

If It’s Not Drafting It’s Trading

Maybe the one mistake Gersson Rosas made (besides not being able to keep it in his pants at the office) was the draft day screw-up in 2019. He traded up from #11 and thought he had Darius Garland at #6. Only to be sniped by Cleveland who took him at #5. It left the Wolves high and dry and they took Jarret Culver who just couldn’t shoot. or really do anything at an NBA level.

How about the former #7 overall draft pick? Lauri Markkanen, or as they call him in Utah… All-Star. As part of the trade for Jimmy (it’s always and forever Fuck you, Jimmy). Lauri wasn’t great for Chicago but the signs were there for him to bounce around until finding a perfect home for a tall white guy. Now that he’s in Utah, he has blossomed into a great all-around player.

How about last year? Want a freakishly tall big guy who can rebound and play incredible around the rim defense and block everything that moves. No, I’m not talking about the 40-million-dollar 30-year-old Rudy Gobert. The 3 million dollar white boy from Auburn, Walker Kessler who some argue that Utah wouldn’t trade him for Rudy straight up never mind trading half your team and all your future draft picks.


That’s it… For now. I’m depressed and I honestly could find a ton more, but my editor will choke me in my sleep if I don’t end this blog eventually. There’s a reason why the Wolves own the record for the statistically worst franchise in sports winning percentage. Every team and GM misses on all stars and superstars but to consistently throw your future away is something the Wolves do better than anyone. At least we’re the best at something!

We do have one thing though, and his name is Anthony Edwards. Man am I glad we didn’t screw that up. It could be better, and I’m not really sure it could be much worse over the last 25 years. Our GM’s former team is playing in the Finals so he did do a couple of things right. Build behind Ant and we will prosper.