The Minnesota Twins- Kings of Let Down


The Minnesota Twins have given me some hope early this year… is something I would have said a few days ago. The stupid extra innings rule, some awful pitching from new closer Alex Colome, and the sputtering offense have really gotten to me. It’s early in the season but every fucking loss pisses me off. This got me thinking of past years where the Twins have given me hope early but absolutely fell apart in the end. Let’s hope the Twins don’t have some more of these “memorable” moments.

1: Mauer’s Amazing Catch

I had to start out with something fun so I’m not totally depressed at the end of this. Joe Mauer was an amazing catcher. Sadly injuries limited his days behind the plate. In 2013 the Twins started 4-2 but ended the season 66-96, ouch. But this web gem is memorable for sure and will put a smile on my face before we continue on this list.

2: Tsuyoshi Nishioka Blunder (2011)

Remember Tsuyoshi Nishioka?? The Twins posted some big money just to have the chance to negotiate a contract with him. Everyone in Minnesota was excited to see this shortstop who had a glove and a hot bat. I was high on hope that year just to have my heart ripped out the moment the season started. He never hit an MLB homerun. Terrible defense followed. Then he even lost the ability to hit a single. The Minnesota Twins stumbled to 63-99. But hey, I was in-person to see one of his 20 RBIs though.

3: Byung Ho Park and 2016

2016 had me beyond excited. New signings galore and we won a bidding battle for another international star. Park had the power of Jim Thome and Paul Bunyan put together. Too bad Byung Ho Park would be absolutely awful. Everyone was excited to see a “Park Bang” in person but all we saw were “Park K’s.” Park is still playing in the KBO and hitting homers, of course.

The 2016 season involved a 0-9 start to the season and never holding a winning record. We also sent out Aaron Hicks for catcher John Ryan Murphy…yikes.

On second thought, this was a terrible idea. I better stop now before this happens to the 2021 Twins. It’s time for a beer.

… Also, I really wish Byung Ho would have worked out, talk about a great name.