There’s been lots of chatter to start the Minnesota Wild season on whether or not they had lost their way. Injuries, chemistry, bad puck luck, the list goes on. But I’m here today to tell you one thing and one thing only. The Minnesota Wild are BACK!

Let’s Go

After starting the season as bad as a blizzard hitting my hometown of Duluth, MN, and stranding everyone for what seems like months, the team seemed to have found their footing. With a change on the 1st line that now holds Boldy-Rossi-Kaprizov, the gears have finally started to turn. Additionally, can we all take a quick moment to realize that MARCO ROSSI HAS FINALLY ARRIVED?! The kid is playing out of his damn mind and I don’t want to be that person but.. I called this. I knew he’d be okay. Straight facts. 

It’s not just that top line that’s producing, though. Let’s go down a few and make mention of Pat Maroon! Each and every night that grizzly man is stepping up and taking names. Beautiful wrist shots to the back of the net, physical play, forechecks, I mean come on! As much as I miss Reavo, I’m so happy Maroon is here. Honestly, I’d take Pat over him any day of the week. Sorry, sue me. Oh, and did I mention he scored only 19 SECONDS IN LAST NIGHT TO START THE GAME?

What’s to Come?

Now that the team has their first two-win streak of the season, might as well keep it going, right? Tomorrow night we play yet again in New York but against the Rangers, a team that had us crying for mercy last weekend only to lose to us in a shootout. Why? Because the wild are BACK! Anddd because Fleury saved the day, players stepped up, Kaprizov decided that it was a good day to start playing good hockey and Marco Rossi scored, again.