The Murray’s Steak Sandwich Is the Only Food You Need at Target Field

Food Twins

There’s nothing better than a gorgeous day at the ballpark while watching the Twins smoke our shitty division rivals. With that incredible atmosphere naturally the first thing you’ll want to do is grab a beer. But what’s the second thing that comes to mind while you’re enjoying your beer at the stadium? I know you were thinking hot dog, don’t kid yourself. But it’s time to change. The Murray’s steak sandwich is the only food you need at Target Field.

The Death of the Stadium Hot Dog

As a liaison for overweight men everywhere, I feel obligated to say that I LOVE hot dogs. This blog isn’t to slander all hot dogs. That’s just not fair. But have you seen the traditional meal at sporting events, more specifically Target Field lately? It’s like they’re all being made by Jersey Jerry from Barstool.

On top of them being squeezed to hell by Jersey Jerry in the back, I often find that they are either extremely undercooked or extremely overcooked. Plus, they’re always in some heated drawer that kind of comes out of nowhere. Sadly, I never get the ones freshly picked off that roller grill whereas I’m stuck with the one wrapped in the burnt, yet soaking wet tinfoil that has been in the steamer drawer thing since the 6th inning from yesterday’s game.

Murray’s Steak Sandwich – My Hero

Sweet Jesus that looks delicious.

What you have here is perfectly sliced hot beef atop a hot, buttered, toasted bun. If you would like to add condiments, you most certainly can.

As for me? I prefer my meat plain in my mouth.

Jokes aside, it’s the best food I’ve had at Target Field and one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had in general. It’s like $16 which is pricey, but not bad when a shitty hot dog is $7 and you’re planning on spending $100 on beer. You get a pretty healthy portion of beef along with a bag of chips. I always say I won’t eat the chips, but I take those bitches down no problem.

If all of that deliciousness doesn’t capture your taste buds know that there are A TON of other food options at Target Field. Maybe too many…

It’s hard to choose but are you really going to walk all around to check them out? No, you’re not. So, why not just have Murray’s Steak Sandwich stands all over the place and call it a day? But for now, head over to section 102 and treat yourself to the best meat to ever grace your mouth.