The NBA Start Time is TOO DAMN LATE!

Basketball NBA Timberwolves

Old man yells at clouds warning: “The NBA start time for these games is way too late”! Now I understand that you don’t want games overlapping, and you have to play the East Coast games early because of time zones. That’s all fine and dandy. Why on EARTH are we waiting until 8PM Eastern to do that then?? As a result, it’s leading to madness in the West.

ON A TUESDAY? Who is this for? I’ve got work at 7:30 tomorrow! Any young kids that want to watch will be fast asleep by then! The game isn’t getting done until at least Midnight! Even if you’re a night owl, this is just laying it on thick. How are advertisers getting more eyes on when the late-night shows are even wrapped up at this point? How are the players at their best?

Everything about this product would be better with at 6 and 8 central. Even then we’re pushing a bit past our usual bedtime, but at least it’s within the realm of reason. I can push to 10:30 without too much of a sweat, but midnight will take me roughly 3 days to recover from (I think I’m aging like a glass of milk, but that’s neither here nor there).

Now with all of that said: am I still going to stay up for game 5? Absolutely. The real mark in all of this is me, the sucker of a fan who’s willing to put up with this nonsense. As long as there are people like me around, we’re probably going to just keep getting NBA start times later and later. In a few years, we’ll probably have all 8 first-round games played in a 24-constant loop. Suckers like us will call out of a month of work just to see it all.

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