The New NFL Timeline Is The Best Timeline For The Minnesota Vikings

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The NFL is a fucking beast. Football in general dominates all tv ratings, and is the most popular sport in America. From season to season, things have stayed relatively the same in the big picture. You can always count on Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. Having a great defense still matters. But most consistent of all, the Browns will be the Browns. This season however, shit has changed dramatically in the NFL timeline. Trades that shook the league to the core became normal. The contracts became bigger than imagined. Hell, even the TV broadcast booths got shaken and stirred. But perhaps the biggest change of all, was the absolute worst one.

So, what does this mean for the purple? The Vikings have often had the reputation of being a team you maybe can trust, and then when you do they break your heart. Whether it’s kickers or egregious execution errors, something fucked up always has to happen. And maybe the curse is a real thing, but I like to believe it’s not.

See, for the past few years, I’ve always had the feelings that the Vikings had a better team than advertised. Harrison Smith and Eric Kendricks are studs. Danielle Hunter is fucking terrifying. Dalvin Cook is severely underrated. As true as all of that is, we always had the Zimmer cloud hanging over everything to fuck it up. Come to hear the news this past week that Zim was compared to the devil, everything we had been hearing was true.

Thankfully, the Wilfs wised up and cleaned house, and we’re on the brink of a new era starting up. We haven’t seen much about what Kevin O’Connell can do as a coach yet, but between all the coach-speak and positive things we’ve been hearing from players, he seems like the real deal. Best of all? He’s gonna fucking unlock Kirk Cousins. Because now, Kirk doesn’t have a coach that hates him. The NFL experts have hopped on the Kirk-wagon the last couple days, saying he’s MVP caliber. Those +5000 odds are looking really interesting right now.

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I truly believe with all the changes in the NFL landscape, that the Vikings will go on a new trajectory in the franchise. Hopefully soon, the preseason question will be: “How good are the Vikings gonna be?” instead of “Will the Vikings be good?”. The Super Bowl win will finally happen and the parade will come marching down Hennepin Avenue and it will all be magical.

One thing I always think about is how much I love football. A while ago, I was listening to the Power Trip After Party podcast, and Chris Hawkey brought up an interesting question: What puts a tickle in your stomach? What do you really love? A few things came up, but foolish the first thing I thought of was football. I really do love this shit. And I’m so excited that it’s back after the hiatus. Between all your fantasy lineups, bets and fall Sundays, I wish y’all the best football season ever. And it will be.