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PLAYOFFS!? Yes, the NFL playoffs are coming this weekend and here’s what you need to know to prepare for an unreal weekend of football. This weekend is worth cancelling everything that doesn’t involve football. The chances of an NFL playoff game ending 65-7 isn’t zero, but I can confidently say we will see some more competitive games than the one we saw happen in LA on Monday night. 3 days. 6 games. LET’S GO!!!


  • Seahawks @ 49ers
  • Chargers @ Jaguars

This Saturday slate is nearly perfect. They aren’t the greatest matchups but its still football worth watching on a Saturday. 3 pm CT kickoff between the Seahawks and Jaguars is the perfect excuse to crack a beer on a Saturday afternoon. I know you may be wondering why NBC chose to stick the Jaguars and Chargers in prime time on Saturday night and I’ll tell you it’s the perfect game for that window. This serves as a perfect pregame for your Saturday night.


  • Dolphins @ Bills
  • Giants @ Vikings
  • Ravens @ Bengals

If you’re not rooting for the Bills on Sunday, I don’t know what to tell you… You might be a bad person. Imagine the energy in the building if Damar Hamlin were to be anywhere near the stadium. Bills are going to ROLL.

The Giants lucked out, they don’t have to face the Noon Nightmare. But, they do have to play the Vikings team that’s essentially played playoff football all year and the Giants are yet again on the road in Minneapolis. If you are in the Twin Cities area and don’t have any plans for Sunday afternoon, join the 10K crew at Tom’s Watch Bar in Minneapolis to cheer on the Vikes!

Speaking of repeats, the Ravens and Bengals will rematch one week after playing each other in the same stadium but this time under the lights in prime time!


  • Cowboys @ Bucs

Yes, we have a playoff edition of Monday Night Football. For some people that sucks, but for the fans it’s awesome! I’m going to go out on a limb and state that the winner of this game will be playing on Sunday of the Divisional round.

That’s a lot of action! The Chiefs and the Eagles will be joining the rest of us in watching the games this weekend as they secured the top seed and a bye in their respective conferences. Here’s my bets for SUPER Wild Card Weekend (Odds via BettorEdge):

  • Seahawks +9.5
  • Jags +1.5
  • Bills -13
  • Vikings -3
  • Ravens +7.5
  • Cowboys -2.5