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The NFL Schedule Release Is Here, Time To Get Hyped!

NFL Vikings

Few things garner the attention like the NFL schedule release does. Every sport does it, releasing the season-long slate several months before the start of the action. But NFL fans are on another level with the anticipation. Leaks all day on Twitter leading up to the drop and prognosticating to the max. And it is exciting until you release that the season is 4 fucking months away. Now that the dates and matchups are finally set, here are a few games that I’m looking forward to on the 2021 schedule.

me leading up to Wednesday night

Week 3 vs Seattle Seahawks

RT if you hate seeing him scramble

The pandemic was unkind to everyone. That applies to the Vikings and the ability to allow fans. Not only was no one allowed to attend home games (besides family of the team & team employees), but the Vikings had a 3-5 record at the bird-killing glass palace. This would have never happened if the stadium had full numbers, the Vikings would have won at least 2 more games. Which makes September 26th even more special. It will be 644 days since the last time fans were allowed at USBS, so you KNOW it’s gonna be loud and amped. And finally, we get to play the damn Seahawks at home. 3 straight years of losses and BS on the road. I get so tired of us going to Lumen Field and getting embarrassed. It’s about time to flip the script.

Week 9 @ Baltimore Ravens

you drop that deuce yet, Lamar?

Every year, the schedule rotates in a way that we get to play an entire division from the AFC. This season we are graced with the opportunity to face teams from the AFC North. And what a year. With the Ravens and Browns looking like serious contenders, it will be a tough path to get dubs against teams you don’t see often. This game is on the road, but i’m curious to see how Zim’s Defense will match up against a player like Lamar Jackson. With a revamped unit and more beef on the interior D-line, I feel better about our chances here. Although the past two years, run-heavy operations have given the Vikings horrible nightmares. So this will be a huge gut check. Don’t remind me about the Alvin Kamara performance. Burn all the footage from that cursed Christmas.

Week 14 vs Steelers (Thursday Night)

where’s the fucking camera? start dancing Juju.

Adding to that list is another AFC North team, but for different reasons. Last year the Steelers were dominant, and then they were fucking awful. So it’s not the competition aspect that I’m looking at, this could be a winnable game for the Vikes. It’s about the opponent. Maybe Pittsburgh will be good in December, making this a massive game for us. But also the fact that it’s been 16 years since the Steelers have played in Minnesota makes this matchup pop in my eyes. Steeler Nation travels very well, so it’s up to us to bite the bullet on the high price point for this primetime game and keep them out of our shit. Who knows, maybe you’ll see the 10k gang at the game 20-something deep and getting shitty that night.

Week 4…Tom Brady returns to New England

frame this in the Lovure

This isn’t Vikings related, but holy shit y’all. This might the most anticipated game in NFL history. This one really fell into the lap of the schedule makers this year, huh? Incredible that we get to see this after all the history Tom Brady made in New England. This one will be talked about now and forever so I’ll save the hoopla, but just know. This game will shatter all television records for a most-watched game of the season, if not in NFL history.

The NFL offseason is so long, we have to clamor to every event that brings us closer to September. It’s always fun to guess which games will be the best or who will have what record. But in reality, we all know shit never works out that way. I think it’s gonna be a good season for the Vikes, let’s hope Kirk survives another year of the haters. And my prediction for Vikings’ fail game of the year? At San Francisco. Let’s hope Trey Lance isn’t starting that day.