The NHL Draft Lottery Is Rigged

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It’s official, the NHL draft lottery is rigged.

And I couldn’t be happier. As the one and only Blackhawks fan here at 10K, I’m willing to admit that the NHL draft lottery is 100% rigged. But you think I care?! WE ARE BACK BABY (in 2 years)! Let’s get BEDARDED!

The Blackhawks Deserve It

Preach Chief!

The Blackhawks have been the skidmark on the underpants of the NHL for the past few years. They haven’t won a playoff series in 8 years, which is embarrassing, and they moved on from their 2 superstars, Patrick Kane & Jonathan Toews. Everyone and their mother knows that the NHL is a better place when the Blackhawks are relevant. Even you poor bastard Wild fans can agree with that.


Gary Bettman Has A Business To Run

Last time I checked, the NHL is a business and Gary is the CEO. Do you really think he’s going to let the next generational talent rot in fucking COLUMBUS or ANAHEIM? No way in hell was he going to let that happen. He wants as many eyes as possible on Connor Bedard and Chicago is exactly where he needs to be. He learned from his mistake of letting Connor McDavid go to Edmonton. Half the East Coast still hasn’t seen him play.

Honest Reaction

Obviously, I’m ecstatic the Hawks got Connor Bedard. It’s something I really didn’t see coming at all. They had an 11.1% chance of getting the first overall pick but I accepted that it was most likely 0. I didn’t even watch the draft lottery because I was at Braemar in Edina shooting a disgusting 47 with 4 3 putts, puke. I happened to check my phone to see I had about 30 “fuck you” texts and knew right then, Bedard was a Blackhawk.


I know all of you are hoping and praying he’s going to be a bust. But newsflash, THAT AIN’T HAPPENING.

I’ll leave you with his unreal highlight video. Can’t wait to see what number he picks. GO HAWKS BABY!

Well worth the 5 minutes. Guys NASTY!