The NHL Has a Crush on Connor Bedard and It’s Annoying as Hell


The NHL, home to some of the greatest athletes, most passionate fans and… a slightly over-the-top obsession with one young player? Enter Connor Bedard, the 18-year-old sensation who has taken the league – and especially the Chicago Blackhawks – by storm.

Now, before you get your hockey sticks in a twist, let me be clear: Bedard is an undeniably exceptional talent. Anyone with a smidgen of hockey sense can see that. But the NHL’s spotlight on the guy has started to feel like that one song on the radio that just won’t stop playing. Great the first few times but after the 100th? Not so much.

Morning Coffee and Weekly Blogs

Just today, as I was enjoying my morning ritual of brewing a fresh cup of coffee and scrolling through my Twitter feed, what do I stumble upon? The NHL announcing a weekly “Connor Bedard Watch” blog. Yes, you read that right. Weekly. For the entire year. I nearly spat out my coffee in disbelief. I mean, come on! Is this the NHL or the “All Things Connor Bedard” channel?

Don’t get me wrong, the young center is worthy of accolades and attention but a dedicated weekly blog seems a tad… excessive? There are 32 teams in the NHL, each filled with incredible talents, thrilling games and compelling stories. Why the singular focus on one player, no matter how talented he might be?

A Crush or Genuine Admiration?

It’s as if the NHL has developed a crush and can’t stop doodling “Connor + NHL = ❤️” in their notebooks. We get it, NHL. You have a favorite. But there’s a fine line between admiration and obsession and it seems the league has gleefully skipped over that boundary. Remember the hype around other young talents in the past? Sure, they were celebrated but it was balanced. With Bedard, it feels like the NHL has cranked the volume up to 11 and quite frankly, it’s starting to annoy the crap out of me.

Beyond Bedard

Now, to the die-hard Bedard fans reading this, I implore you to understand: this isn’t a critique of Connor. The kid’s skills on the ice are amazing and he’s bound to have an illustrious career ahead. This is merely a gentle nudge to the NHL to maybe, just maybe, dial down the Bedard mania a notch. Let’s appreciate the young star without drowning in overexposure.