The Indisputable Power Ranking of Disney Songs

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Back in 2020 when everything was closed down and there wasn’t much to do, I rewatched The Office for the 37th time (seriously, 37. I’m not exaggerating at all. I counted.) and after that I logged on to my Disney+ account and watched all the Disney movies. You may know me from my other blogs like yesterday’s about the NFL schedule, but now you are going to know my power ranking of the top 20 Disney songs. Before we get started let’s lay down some ground rules.

Rule #1. The song must come from a Disney Movie

Rule #2. It must be an animated movie. So no High School Musical. Sorry Troy Bolton lovers.

Rule #3. This is my power rankings, if you have an issue with them then make your own.

Hop in the time machine because we are heading back to your childhood. You know, back in the good ol’ days when you used to watch movies on VCRs and when you were finished with the movie you had to sit there and rewind it to watch again.

20: Be Our Guest – Beauty and the Beast

Coming in at number 20 is a very solid song from a top tier Disney movie. Very catchy.

19: I’m on My way – Brother Bear

Maybe a little bit less known Disney flick, but a great movie at that. Phil Collins goes hard in this Disney song.

18: When Will My Life Begin – Tangled

A somewhat newer Disney movie but a good one at that. there are a few good songs in this movie but “When Will My Life Begin” is by far the best.

17: I Just Can’t Wait to Be King – Lion King

An absolute classic song, young Simba is living life and rocking out. EVERYONE knows and likes this song.

16: Kiss the Girl- Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is probably on the Mount Rushmore of Disney movie soundtracks. This is the first of a few on this list.

15: Under The Sea- The Little Mermaid

Another song from The Little Mermaid, this is a happy and fun/upbeat song. With clever lyrics and a good beat it cracks the top 15.

14: I Won’t Say- Hercules

Another song maybe not as well known, but a good one at that. Low key one of my favorites.

13: Hakuna Matata- Lion King

“It means no worries for the rest of your days” 🎶

“It’s our problem freeeeee, Philosophyyyyyyyy HAKUNA MATATA” 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 yeah that song rocks. Also has a good message.

12: Circle Of Life- Lion King

Not the easiest song to jam to but it is an iconic song. overall very good and very cool.

11: You’re Welcome- Moana

With Moana being a newer movie there’s probably a 50/50 chance you’ve never seen it. Do yourself a favor and go watch it. The Rock actually crushes this song and it’ll get stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

10: How Far I’ll Go- Moana

Moana again. The best song in the movie cracks my top 10. A pretty deep song but it’s awesome overall.

9: A Girl Worth Fighting For- Mulan

The original Mulan doesn’t get enough love. A 10/10 movie. And spoiler alert, it has 2 songs in my top 10.

8: Show Yourself- Frozen II

Once the Piano starts it puts me in the zone. The first Frozen had a better overall soundtrack but “Show Yourself” is an ELITE song.

7: Colors of the Wind- Pocahontas

One of if not the most underrated Disney song. Pocahontas goes hardddd in this song and doesn’t care about how you feel.

6: Can You Feel the Love Tonight- Lion King

The song is even better in the actual movie but I would be a fraud if I didn’t have this song high on my list. A very well deserved 6th place ranking. Elton John went all out on this one.

5: You’ll Be In My Heart- Tarzan

Phill Collins goes hard in the paint in Tarzan. Absolutely shreds the movies soundtrack. “You’ll Be In My Heart” is his best. What a masterpiece.

4: I’ll Make a Man Out of You-Mulan

I’m not saying I actively put this on at the gym but when it comes on shuffle I don’t hit skip… This song can get you ready to run through a damn brick wall.

3: A Whole New World- Aladdin

An incredible duet that’s on my Mount Rushmore of Disney songs. The give and take is great and the overall song is phenomenal.

2: Let It Go- Frozen

Instead of going into the song here is a little story for you on “Let it Go”. A few years ago I was driving back to work from my lunch break and I through on my playlists.

“Let it Go” came on as I was pulling into the parking lot and I guess I started rocking out. Rocking out a little toooo hard that is.

Well I didn’t notice that my coworker was parked and sitting in her car right next to me listening to me, a grown man in his mid 20’s jam to “Let it Go”. Anyways, yeah, it’s a great song. There’s no shame in what I did. We need to normalize dudes letting it all out to Disney songs.

1: Part of Your World- The Little Mermaid

THE number 1 song Disney has produced. Absolutely incredible. I’m not saying it has to be your number 1 song but damn if it’s not on your Mount Rushmore then what is?!

Let me know yours.