The Packers’ loss was worse than the Vikings’

The Packers’ Loss was Worse than the Vikings’

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The Bad News:

I think I’ll just go ahead and say it. The Vikings got absolutely smoked on Sunday. I’m talking lighting up a used cigarette butt in the back alley smoked. Disgusting. However, it’s not all bad news. 40-3 soul crushings tend to be flukes more often than not, and we’re chalking this game up to that. Now, time for the good news and it involves the Packers. But before that, here’s a video of JJs insane catch to boost morale.

The Good News:

This defeat wasn’t even the most embarrassing of the week. Not even close. This designation belongs to none other than the team across the river. A 27-17 loss on a short week to the 5th best team in the league (record-wise) doesn’t seem terrible at face value. But when you consider the Packer’s current record, the season expectations, and another loss at home, things start to look ugly. Especially, when plays like this work to perfection.

The Tragic News:

I definitely won’t say their season is over, but it gets even uglier when you realize what was stolen from them last Thursday. The Tennessee Titans walked into Lambeau Field and took the very thing that makes every team great. Their identity. It’s not that they copied the critical elements of Matt LaFleur’s offense or Joe Berry’s defense. It’s the fact they stole what makes the Packers the Packers right in front of their faces. Hell, when you really think about it, the Titans took the identify of the entire state of Wisconsin…

All Packers fans knew how to do was win football games and get drunk celebrating them. Now they’re in shambles as the Titans out-Wisconsined the Wisconsinites and brought it right on the plane down to Nashville. Now, letting another team beat you at your own game, inexcusable.

In all seriousness, this is a PSA for being safe when driving during the holidays, as one of the Titans coaches was arrested for a potential DUI after the incident. Many family celebrations can include a lot of drinking, whether for pleasure or necessity, so make sure you plan your rides and get an Uber or Lyft if there’s even the slightest of a doubt. Never put your own or anyone else’s life at risk. Be safe and have a happy Thanksgiving!