The Pain that is the Timberwolves.

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Well, here we are once again, in the face of pain and suffering.  It’s worse than last year, already so early on and my sadness runs deep.  I don’t know if I can keep doing this, but I will try to type away the pain.

If you remember last year after a dozen or so games the Wolves were looking solid, then something unfortunate happened.  The Wolves twitter fired off the iconic tweet that started the downfall. 

Now how can one tweet do that?  Well clearly it can’t, but with Minnesota luck it sure fucking did.  The collapse was relatively imminent and pain incurred like pretty much every other year.  We got clowned all over social media, well deserved.  

Loss after loss, pain never ending.  Until “our” hope and savior came through the door, D’Lo.  More or less I think fans were just happy to send Wiggins packing, but a lot of fans (including me) had this affection towards D’Lo.  We wanted him on the team and were hyped when it happened.  

Now when this happened I knew we weren’t winning a championship with this team or probably never regardless of who’s on this team.  A Minnesota fan knows how to be cynical, trust me.  I do think everyone thought it would be a fun ass team and compete for a playoff spot, maybe even regularly.  So far even the fun and competing part looks very bleak and not good. 

New Year Same Pain

KAT and DLO only played 1 game together last year so I wasn’t gonna really take the end of the season too seriously last year, but this year would be different.  We draft Ant Edwards, add our hero Ricky, sign Malik the madman and make a few small signings to make this team look like it at least has a shot at the playoffs.  The core of Kat and D’Lo back and healthy to start the year and shit is looking promising!  We start off 2-0 then BOOM, Kat is hurt and you just think, of course, here…comes…the…pain. 

The pain did indeed come, hard. 

We sit at 3-8 now after a sickening loss last night to the Grizzlies with no Jaren Jackson or Ja Morant.  Kat was back, Okogie was back and it clearly didn’t even matter.  The team is just sad, watch a game and you will know what I mean.  It’s just not even slightly fun, and I thought at worse this would be a fun team to watch.  Even our savior Ricky Rubio has literally looked so bad, it is really all bad.  

As much as I like Drip Saunders, he needs to go.  He is not ready for this at all, we need a real damn coach in here to try and save this sorry ass team.  Now I know this is gonna sound personal, because it is.  There is NOOOOOOOOOOO ONE in this world that can save the pile of shit that is Juancho.  I won’t say his last name, he doesn’t deserve.  This piece of shit thinks he’s all tough filming a fucking movie in the off-season.  GET YOUR BUM ASS IN THE GYM SCRUB.  I’m not even in the slightest kidding when I say I could beat him in a shooting contest.  You hear that Juancho?  Pick a time and place, I will fuck your Hollywood ass up.  I can’t even talk about him anymore, he makes me physically sick. 

Now you might say, “Andrew why are you so mad at him?  He gets paid little and doesn’t have a big role!”  I don’t give a rats ass if he was making 2 dollars an hour, he’s dog shit.  He had one good game against the Nuggets.  Most likely a “revenge” game in his mind, not really sure why he thinks that or the Nuggets would give a single fuck about him but go off Bumgomez.  I haven’t ever swore this much in an article yet, but OHHHHH boy he gets me heated.  

Really though, overall we have collapsed pretty hard since the 2-0 start.  Kat has played a few games since returning but it doesn’t even seem to matter at this point.  There is too many flaws here.  We need Jesus Christ himself on the court to turn this sinking ship around.  I will absolutely not blame Kat if he soon enough takes the Anthony Davis route and just asks to get the hell out of here.  The Wolves waste and burn away careers, it’s what we do.  It’s truly hard to be a fan and I love basketball.  Come mid-season if it’s still this sad and decrepit I may burn all my gear, time will tell. 

So, where do we go from here?  Well, it would be hard to go lower, but don’t go thinking we can’t, if any team can do it, it’s the Wolves.  I’ll try to have the slightest bit of positivity but it’s not easy.  I really just wanna see D’Lo and Kat flourish, seeing them suffer makes me sad.  Can we please just make them happy, please.  Can we please just at least be fun to watch?  That’s literally all I want.  Until a later date, I will Minuit this team with little to no hope and expect nothing.  Please Timberwolves, price us wrong, prove us ALL wrong.