The Past, Present, And Future Of The Minnesota Vikings Jersey

NFL Vikings

Jerseys are an integral part of sports. It’s how you identify your favorite players and teams from all over. And if you’re a big enough fan of the sport, you rock that shit when you watch the team on tv or LIVE in-person. I would say I’m with the jersey movement personally. I love rocking a Minnesota Vikings jersey to the game, but not at any other point in time.

All jerseys are fairly uncomfortable and I’m not 19 and going to Dinkytown anymore, so that fit is a rarity. The Vikings having the privilege of donning the color purple has led to some both classic and terrible choices when it comes to what they wear on Sundays. Let’s run through the list, shall we?

Oldies But Goodies

the PPE before PPE was PPE. get it?

Like most teams back in the pre-historic times of football, the j’s were pretty plain and simple. The Vikings old jerseys have always looked nice and clean. I always enjoy seeing the old people roll into U.S Bank Stadium with an old purple Chuck Foreman or someone of that nature on and seeing the contrast from then to now.

minnesota vikings jersey retro
if you own one of these bad boys, retro or remastered, you’re a true fan 💜

From the team’s beginning days until the mid-2000’s, the uniforms stayed pretty much the same. Until they changed into…..

The Era of Garbage

minnesota vikings jersey garbage era
it’s no wonder we had 1 winning season with these jerseys.

After wearing the same jerseys for 30 years, it was time for change. But in this case, that change was a massive blunder that subsequently led to franchise poverty. Okay fine, the “new and improved” Minnesota Vikings jersey had nothing to do with Christian Ponder being a bust. But this look was so god-awful. The trim lines and the outside color accents were dogwater, as the kids say. Seeing Jermaine Wiggins in that uni combo on the right is making me wish I didn’t eat Taco Bell for dinner. It’s a shame that we had to witness that classic season of 2009 with Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson wearing those ugly garments.

MINNEAPOLIS – NOVEMBER 07: Quarterback Brett Favre #4 of the Minnesota Vikings runs with the ball against the Arizona Cardinals at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome on November 7, 2010 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Vikings won 27-24 in overtime. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Keep It Simple!

Hitman looking to do damage 👊💢

After not even a decade of dressing down in the garbage uniforms, the Vikings changed their look before their final season at the Dome in 2013. At first, I was not down with the new look. But it’s grown on me a lot. Anything is better than what they had before this, so the fact that the team moved to a new look pretty quick says a lot.

These have held up very well since then and will probably stay around for the foreseeable future. Added to the jersey roster is our version of the color rush, or what the locals refer to as “Primetime Purple”.

had to get one of these ASAP. Top 5 color rush IMO

The gold trim on the pants is very sexy, and you love to see the gold letters and numbers. It just looks fresh and is a lot more eye-popping. Unfortunately for football fans, Roger Goodell and the NFL are a bunch basic ass bitches and keep the uniform choices pretty limited.

That was due to weird rules related to helmets, stating that a team had to wear one specific helmet with all their uniforms. This rule basically cut out all the old school uniform options teams had in place. But with the rule being thrown out and a second helmet option being available now, the possibilities have opened up. Which means we may get these sick ass old-school uni’s once again!

minnesota vikings jersey old school
we need these back NOW and not NEXT YEAR, ROGER!

My Suggestions

The current Minnesota Vikings jersey options we have are all very solid, but why stop there? The sky could be the limit the types of different colors and aesthetics we could take on as a jersey. Lord knows every other sport does it. New jerseys weren’t on our Vikings wishlist for 2021, but they still would be totally sick.

Every NBA team always debuts 1 or 2 new j’s EVERY season, and they wear them in the playoffs! But we have to remember we’re talking about the No-Fun-League, friends and readers. If things ever changed, here are some potential options to explore:

minnesota vikings jersey alt mockup 2
A revamped version of the color rush with a tribute to Viking heritage on the sides is something I could welcome.
minnesota vikings jersey alternate mockup
these look awful and should never see the light of day.
minnesota vikings jersey helmet
the helmet is the best part of our uniform currently, but this helmet addition would be very sick to see in action.