Marat Khusnutdinov, aka The Piss Missile, getting ready to save the Wild's season

The Piss Missile is Coming To Save The Wild


Nearly 4 years ago, the Wild drafted a Russian boy named Marat Khusnutdinov aka The Piss Missile. You may recall a blog I wrote for this very website explaining the nickname and why he was one of the most exciting prospects in the system. Well, folks. It’s happening. Maybe. Probably?

During the latest Wild mailbag over at The Athletic, Russo dropped this interesting nugget:

Let’s fucking go!!!

Russo doesn’t make a habit of reporting bullshit. When he says “I’m sensing” that means he has all but confirmed that the Wild will bring over Khusnutdinov into an NHL ready role. Here’s the thing, I don’t know if you’re paying attention but tomorrow is February 13th. That means we are less than a month away from the Minnesota Wild debut of The Piss Missile. It’s incredibly on brand for me to absolutely lose my marbles over this.

As the certified leader of the Marat Khusnutdinov fanclub, this is the most exciting news we’ve had from Russia in a hot minute. The Piss Missile has had a really solid year and one hell of a glow up. After getting out of the doghouse in St Petersburg SKA, he has really found his groove in Sochi. Through his first 43 games he has registered 17 points.

While that’s a bit of a regression from his production with SKA, consider that his team is no longer the better team every night and he is in a much tougher role. To put it more bluntly, Khusnutdinov went from one of the best teams in the KHL to one of the worst; a dip in production was bound to happen. Point being, the kid is getting better every year even if the counting stats don’t support it. There is a LOT to be excited about here, folks.


Not to be outdone by his fellow Russian, it’s also now possible that Danila Yurov, the Wild’s second first round pick from 2022, is also coming over after his season is done.

This one’s a bit more nebulous since HockeyNewsHub is not exactly a reputable journalist with confirmed sources and an editor and all that. Buuuuuuut it makes sense and it tracks with what we know about Yurov already. Namely, that his contract is up at the end of the year and that he really wants to be an NHLer.

You need to get hyped about the possibility of Yurov joining this club ASAP. Please check out this compilation of his KHL goals. The kid is absolutely filthy.

In a season where the Wild can’t decide if they’re contenders or pretenders, this extra firepower sure would help an end of the year push for glory in the race from worst to first. Is the season for sure saved? Who knows, but it for damn sure will be a hell of a lot more exciting down the stretch. And either way, you know who is going to be excited about adding some Russians to the team? Kirill Kaprizov. That should be enough to get everyone excited about this. God I’m excited. Counting down the days now.