The Pro Bowl Is No More

Football NFL

What the hell NFL?

I had such a great weekend watching the Vikings barely beat the Lions and going 3-6 on my bets. You then completely redeem yourself by telling us that Rihanna is doing the halftime show at the Super Bowl. I love Rihanna. She’s been putting out BANGERS and bangers only for years. Was also one of those girls every guy in his teenage years dreamed about and she’s still got it.

Then you drop this shit on me?!

The Pro Bowl is no more.

I Get It, But Like What The Fuck?

It’s no secret that the Pro Bowl has been kind of a turd in recent history. The NFL has just kinda been killing it for years. Remember when it was in Hawaii? That was fucking awesome. Then once they started bouncing it around to other cities it just became lame.


Just something about it. Watching the Pro Bowl in Hawaii and everyone had the same expectation that it was not gonna be the most competitive game but it would be fun. My favorite moment personally? When Sean Taylor absolutely DESTROYED Brian Moorman.

It’s a tricky deal because obviously you want the biggest stars but you don’t want anyone to get hurt in a game that means absolutely nothing. You also can’t have the players from the Super Bowl because they have an actual fucking game in a week but that’s not the Pro Bowl’s fault.

I’m not sure what the answer is, but maybe leaving it on the big island would’ve kept it cool. Also gives players a reason to want to play with a free vacation to Hawaii. Now the Pro Bowl “Games” are gonna be in Las Vegas which is dope, but I would assume there are a few guys that would rather sit on the beach by the ocean rather than hang out in the desert and get handed stripper cards every block on the strip.

Now we’re replacing it with a week of skills competition and a flag football game? Lame. I do like the skills competition but flag football? Maybe it’s gonna be funny, but I really don’t have any interest in watching 7-foot, 350-pound men running around grabbing for each other’s flags.

It’s probably for the best that the Pro Bowl is no more, but I guess for me it’s nostalgic and now it’s dead.