The Punches Heard Around the World Epitomize The Timberwolves Experience


It was an absolute insane finale to the regular season. The Wolves came out with the win, but in fucking typical Wolves fashion there was insane drama. It included a few punches that were completely different but may have ended our season. The Wolves, of course, had to have something completely overlook what otherwise was a great day. Allow me to break down what can only be summarized as The Epitome of The Timberwolves Experience.

The Wolves clinched the 8th seed and a date with the Lakers in LA. If everything that happened just simply didn’t happen it would have been a GREAT day. Unfortunately you’re reading this because you already know what happened that overshadowed what should have been a massive W.

Punch 1

There was altercation in the huddle where Rudy punched Slow-Mo. Of course it was in the last game before the play in, because why wouldn’t it be. Here is the video:

Yep, it is as bad as it sounded. Truly is just the peak Timberwolves experience, sad really. It is hard to defend Rudy regardless what was said, but my god WHY did this have to happen now. Oh I know, because it is the Wolves. Really don’t know what else to say about the situation besides it was soooooo unfortunate. Lets hope this somehow magically inspires us and we take out LA and we go from there.

Counterpoint: KG seemed to like it.

Rudy did stretch his Twitter fingers and issue an apology to the fans and Kyle, but will that be enough to mend this relationship? Is a text to the players group chat enough to move on? Or is Rudy’s insecurity too loud?

Punch 2

It is absurd to even think there could have been a worse punch in this game, but ohhhh there sure was. This one didn’t have an altercation attached to it, but the consequences are most definitely worse in my eyes. Our emerging star Jaden McDaniels was frustrated going to halftime and punched a wall and broke his hand.

No, I am not joking.

Now THIS describes the life of a Wolves fan and sums up the season perfectly. Once again it completely overshadows a great win to secure the 8th seed. If you’ve been avoiding the video, look away. But if you want to get the full masochistic Timberwolves experience, here’s the video:

Honestly I don’t know how anyone could think it could have gotten worse but it sure as hell did. Like how the hell do both of these things happen in one game? The flashy star rim protector we paid an assload of picks for punches a fan favorite role player AND the budding defensive star breaks his hand and ends his season punching a wall? Even KG can’t spinzone that last one. That’s just terrible. Again, how the hell do both of these things happen in one game????

The simple answer, it is the Minnesota Timberwolves Experience. As a MN sports fan we aren’t allowed to have nice things. It is truly hard to even be excited after that awesome win. Jon K said it best; the Wolves fought themselves and the Pelicans yesterday. Sadly, we have two days to get past it and be ready for LA. Hopefully it fuels us and we take it to the Lakers.

A Timberwolves fan on reddit jokes that they joined the Timberwolves subreddit because it was similar to the subreddit about masochism, allowing them to wallow in the pain that is the Timberwolves Experience.

As MN Sports fan and more specifically a Wolves fan, this is not surprising. This has kind of has been the story of the year. We take a few steps forward and immediately a few back. It was the most on-brand ending for a rough week of Minnesota SportsTM.

I have been a Wolves fan for a long time. This cockamanie has 100% been the most painful of all, that is saying something. We have to try to put this behind us and be ready for LA. Wolves fans, I know y’all will be ready, but will our team? Lets sure hope so and we can talk about a date with Memphis later this week. Talk to y’all soon Wolves Nation.