The Real Face of the NBA: Naz Reid.


Naz Reid. It really is as simple as that. He is an icon to Wolves nation now. He has a cult-like following and it couldn’t be anymore appropriate or deserved. It is time to give Naz Reid his flowers.

Naz Reid

I mean the man had his own towel night, just look at it! He is loved here more than just about anyone in Timberwolves history. It isn’t just this weird following for a player who isn’t even good either. He is so, so good and has played a vital role in why we are at the top of the West this season. He is starting now with KAT out but has been our 6th man most of the year. He would start on most teams in the league, yet he took less money to stay here. That shows his loyalty to this team, city, and fanbase. That is something that is rare here in Minnesota, especially for the Wolves. We need to sing the man’s praise even more. NAZ REID!!!


With Malik Monk being out now for the rest of the regular season I would like to think Naz has a decent shot at winning. Even if he doesn’t, he is still our 6th Man of the Year. I wonder how much they will consider that Naz has been starting for a bit now without KAT, he has been amazing by the way. That has definitely boosted his numbers but I think it more so shows how amazing he really is.

I mean look at these numbers, regardless of the boost from him staring of late, this is impressive stuff. He is so vital to this teams success, especially with our offensive woes. Having a 6 foot 10 center who plays like a guard coming off the bench is such a luxury. There really isn’t many holes in his game either. He has been even more impactful on defense too. If we are going to make a deep run, whether KAT is back or not, Naz will play a HUGE role in that. Naz Reid is Naz Reid and we love him.

We are so lucky to have a guy like Naz and Minnesota has made it known. All you have to do is make your way to Wolves twitter and you will see how loved he is. We are lucky to have you Naz and we hope you are here for a LONG time. One more time everybody: NAZ REID.

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