The Season of Disappointment

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The NFL season is rapidly approaching, and that means the Vikings get to let us down yet again. I am only partially joking, but I’m talking about fantasy football. It might be the most fun yet infuriating thing during the NFL season. Let’s talk about why it is the season of disappointment.

Fantasy football is the best fantasy sport and that is a fact. It has got pretty crazy with the different types of fantasy football these days. You have daily, season-long, best ball and so many more. It makes it so fun and keeps it fresh. The one version that brings the most pain and happens to be the classic version is your season-long leagues. There are endless reasons it causes so much pain but we will go over a few.


Just picture it, you draft a great team and your best player tears his ACL in Week 3. This is so common in fantasy football just because of the sheer amount of injuries in the NFL. Now this isn’t the end of the world if you play DFS, but just imagine your season-long league? It is such a killer man, let me tell ya. I am in a few leagues so it’s not the worst, but if you are in only one and you know your fate early on it sucks. It especially sucks when that is why you look forward to Sunday! I have even had a player tear their ACL before the season starts, now that is sickening.

Losing Money

Now most people are playing fantasy for fun with a little money on it. Now the real sickos are doing multiple leagues, daily fantasy, and regular bets each week. You always think you know more than you do so you think you will make money. You might even have that good win that gives you that hope…and BOOM, you lose a bunch and now you are so sad and defeated. Until that next win at least. It’s a never-ending cycle and you don’t know you are in too deep until you make a parlay looking like a receipt.

Bad Beats

The heartbreak and pure devastation I have experienced from fantasy is next to none. Everyone has fallen victim to an awful loss in one way or another. Losing by .1 points, taking the L on a QB kneel at the end of the game, or just starting the wrong guy. There are so many horrible ways to lose your matchup. But I had a personal favorite that happened to me.

A few years back it was a Monday night game with the now Commanders involved. I started J.D. McKissic, most likely because of an injury. There was a play at the end of the game where they were doing all the lateral garbage and he got the ball. Well, he ended up being the one to fumble and that is why I lost. That was the most angry I think I have gotten from fantasy football. It can be sooo fun but it can be sooo sad too.

Now this bad beat isn’t specifically fantasy-related, but I am sure it played a role nonetheless. Shit like this happens so often and can absolutely be devastating to your fantasy team or just a regular bet you made. It is truly heartbreaking.

Being a Fan

Now I know I said this was mainly about fantasy football, but we have to be real. When you are so invested in your team it is almost inevitable that you will be let down. I mean only one team wins it all, so the rest of the teams experience pain one way or another. Now you combined this and the fantasy aspect, it is guaranteed you will be let down at some point. Especially all the Viking fans…they feel even more pain than most. I am only partially kidding, we all know the pain pretty much every Minnesota team experiences. Regardless I wish the absolute best for the Vikings, no one wants to experience more disappointment.

Most of this blog was negative, but sometimes it is just too fun to be cynical. But am I wrong? Truthfully I don’t think so but still, I will try to be more positive. This will be an amazing NFL season, there is a good amount of diversity and the Vikings should be decent. Throw in fantasy and all the different ways to gamble, and it will be GREAT no matter what. Enjoy week 1 everyone, It should be a beautiful week to start the season of disappointment.