The Sneaky Biggest Twins Storyline of 2022

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It is no secret that this year’s Twins squad has a different feel to it than the past two years. In 2020, it was just weird with covid and the shortened season, and 2021 was nothing but a colossal disappointment. The Minnesota Twins current players haven’t been exactly subtle on why the turnaround in 2022 has been so drastic. Which is why, when you read between the lines, the sneaky biggest Twins storyline of this year is less about Royce Lewis’s status or having a strong rotation and more about addition by subtraction.

Kepler did not name Donaldson specifically but everybody can read between the lines that Donaldson was clearly an issue in the Minnesota clubhouse.

There are two possible angles to the Donaldson trade storyline.

Angle 1

The Twins traded 2 infielders and a whole lot of money to get a better defensive 3B in Gio, and a lot of room to go after an ELITE SS in Carlos Correa.

Angle 2

The Twins were just done with Donaldson being a dickhead. MLB players are together from March-October, that’s a long time to spend with someone who’s a prick.

So what does that mean now?

In true Minnesota fashion the Twins have been awful in the postseason. Awful might be an understatement. They’ve lost a North American sports record 18 straight playoff games. A majority of those losses have come against the Evil Empire, the Twins monster in the closet, The New York Yankees. Interestingly enough the Twins and Yankees made a trade during Spring Training this year.

josh donaldson being shipped out is sneakily the biggest Twins storyline of 2022

The Yankees shipped off Gio Urshela and Garrrryyyyy. Heading to New York…. Josh Donaldson. The Twins players have made it very clear how much they love the team they have now and how the last two years were miserable. Again, if you read between the lines, the biggest difference between those teams is Josh Donaldson. The..erm…fiery, yeah let’s go with fiery, third baseman in the Bronx.

We’re one week away from the first Twins/Yankees series of the year. But now, it’s also a Twins vs. Donaldson too. Unless he’s still on the IL after the mystery injury that popped up after his recent controversy where, surprise surprise, he was being a dick. And possibly a racist dick.

Buckle up Twins fans, Yuck the Fankees. It’s gonna be a ride, but we all knew to expect that.

Go Twins.