The Stifle Tower is Back


Rudy Gobert, the French force in the middle, has been on one this year. He is back to his DPOY Utah days. This has been the main reason our defense is so good. It is time to sing his praise.

This has almost been a revenge tour for Rudy. Everyone was shredding the trade and calling him washed, well he is proving everyone wrong and doing it in a big way. Our last game against the Thunder was a great example of how damn important Rudy is to this teams success.


That first video is absolutely insane. Like just look how Chet has to change his mind multiple times. You can see how players change their mind when they see Rudy and how uncomfortable they get. To casual fans I get how you think Rudy is overrated but to people who know basketball, they understand Rudy’s impact, which is massive at the level he is playing at. That little celebration mid play too made me so happy.

That wasn’t the only game where he has had plays like that either. On many occasions this year, you can see how massive his impact is.

There is so many more great clips like this but these are just a few of my favorites. He has been giving it his all and is such a big part of the success of this team.

Rudy gets a lot of hate, which was on full display during the whole Draymond Green fiasco. Some of it is warranted but I think people just want to hate because he is so damn good without being an offensive player. Suck it up and admit you are watching an all time great, he will be in the hall of fame whether you like it or not.

We can’t say he is the only reason for our top ranked defense but he is the engine that is making it go. All Wolves fans who know ball know how amazing he has been this year. Some Wolves fans have been slower to realize but they are coming around. Most Wolves fans are singing his praise now, a whole different story than last year. Honestly I can’t blame anyone for being mad about the trade and not loving him last year but this year is WAY different.

National Media

The fact that a good amount of National media is giving him praise too is outstanding. Like I said, he is a guy who has gotten a lot of hate, from NBA fans in general. Just to see these big accounts on Twitter and smart national people admit he has been amazing is refreshing. Not everything has to be constant hate! Once in a while it is okay to be positive when someone deserves it.

To any Wolves fans who hated the trade and shit on Rudy last year, I get it. Things have changed though and we need to make sure that Rudy knows we are all riding with him. This team wouldn’t be where they are now without him. Until next time Wolves fans, the Stifle Tower is back!