The TimberwoLLLves Have Done It Again, Thanks Gersson Rosas

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We are a month away from the season and Gersson Rosas has just, out of nowhere, been fired. To the fans this is a surprise, media says it isn’t…suspect. This is just another thing to stack onto the long list of dysfunction. 

Just when you think the Timberwolves can’t get any more dysfunctional, they show you they sure as hell can. 


When this initially happened most fans were very, very confused. Why fire our Gersson Rosas just a month prior to the season? And a few days before the Timberwolves formally introduce new ownership in Alex Rodriguez and Marc Lore… I think people maybe thought A-rod and Lore wanted their own guy, but so close to the start of the season? Something was off.

gersson rosas glen taylor

Anger and sadness clouded my sense of rationality so immediately I chalked it up to being just another dysfunctional thing this team has done. With our track record of sadness, I didn’t even think twice about there being a real reason this happened, just thought it was our team being horrid once again. That doesn’t seem to be the case though.

Rosas the Playa?

So far in his short time here Rosas did quite well, to our standards at least. The only true mistake was trading up and drafting Culver, that is pretty bad. I will give credit where credit is due, he wanted Darius Garland and he is looking like a fine pick. Still it was the wrong decision but otherwise he hasn’t done much bad. Has he done anything exceptional? Drafting Ant doesn’t count, so not really, but it is early, so canning him this fast just didn’t make sense.

So that begs the question, what happened? Apparently Rosas isn’t that family man he claimed to be. He was alleged to be having relations with Timberwolves VP of Communications and Engagement, Bri Bauer. What a horny man.

gersson rosas bri bauer

Now this caught most off guard, not the media though. They said it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows over at Target Center. Apparently Gersson Rosas was creating a toxic culture instead of that family like culture he claimed to be after. If this is all true, I understand canning him. It is just typical, classic Wolves for something like this to happen, and to happen a month before the season.

The guy who is in charge now, Sachin Gupta, allegedly walked in on Rosas and Bri. Is this confirmed? No, but it is comical. I hope Gupta gets a real shot, he is the man who essentially invented the trade machine! I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but still.

You know what’s not a good look? Leaving your star players to find out breaking news via Twitter. Our team has been pretty bad since KAT has been here, except the one year we won’t talk about. You can’t be a bad team and dysfunctional, all the money in a Supermax deal still wouldn’t be enough to put up with this for another decade.

What’s stopping KAT from requesting a trade, now? I know he has said otherwise in the past, but how many people have said that? We keep finding new and different ways to embarrass ourselves, I wouldn’t blame KAT for wanting to try something new. Wouldn’t even be mad if requests a trade.

When you really think about it, something like this shouldn’t be the end of the world. With how sad our team has been already, this is not a good look. Will this have impact on our season? Unlikely, but still. This have given us even more bad rep in the media, not like we needed something else to happen to do that…it hurts.

How will this all play out over the year, who knows but I’m still excited for the season nonetheless. As long as we have Ant there is hope and excitement around this team. Until it is sadly moved to Seattle I will cheer hard no matter the pain it brings.

To all the Wolves fans who are still here, somehow, you are the real MVPs. We ride for LIFE!