The Timberwolves are Down BAD

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The tides have turned very rapidly, truly to no ones surprise. Nonetheless, the Minnesota Timberwolves are Down BAD quite early into the season. Unfortunately, it isn’t anything new for this team, the pain is here and back to stay.

To most people, especially just general Minnesota Sports fans and people who just casually pay attention to the Wolves, this isn’t surprising. To a die-hard Wolves fan who SOMEHOW has kept hope, this is devastating, yet truly not surprising.

It’s classic how it started with us being 3-1 with a big win on the Bucks home court. Now I understand it was 4 games in and yada yada, but with the Wolves you take anything you can get. There was some real excitement around the Timberwolves. Did I expect this team to be a top-of-the-West playoff team? No, but they showed they can fight with these good teams, and making the playoffs is not out of the realm of possibilities. As you know now things changed fast.


The Wolves are now 4-8 and pain has sunken deep into the bones of the team and its fans. So much has fallen apart since the first 4 games of the year.

This meme sums up every single year with this team:

It all started with the loss to the Magic and went downhill from there. I attended the second Clippers game and let me tell you, that was absolutely fucking sickening to watch. The only thing keeping me afloat and having a slight interest is Ant. He is a GOD DAMN KILLER, sadly no one else on the team can say the same. Ant dropped 48 the other night but of course, it wasn’t enough. ANDREW WIGGINS DESTROYED US, who could have saw that coming? He dunked on KAT twice and owned us, more salt in the wound. It is just all bad, so let’s talk about KAT.


Well, there is no secret with KAT, since he has been here he has always been a force on the offensive end. He has so much skill but we have always been wanting a little more, some of that killer, some of that dog. To this point, there have been spurts of it but we haven’t really gotten it consistently. Now I have been a huge KAT fan and supporter since the day we drafted him, but I am finally getting a little annoyed and sick of him after all this time. It has just been the same old same old every year and it’s getting old.

He started out this year absolutely hot on the offensive end, shooting 50% from the field, 50% from 3, and 90% from the line. That is incredible for a big man, so how can I be complaining? Well, he has really cooled down over this stretch. Check out this stat.

This is pretty sickening and kind of sums up why people are getting sick with him. With all that talent he has he just doesn’t play like a real center, and this team really needs that. Now he doesn’t get a lot of calls but regardless it’s just bad. He has smaller guys in the post easily defending him and it’s so annoying. I love KAT, he is a star offensive player, but is he that guy? He just isn’t man, I don’t know what they should do anymore, something has to change. I won’t even start with DLO either…

What now

I have no clue where they go from here, obviously, they gotta keep at it for a while longer, but if we end up 4-10 which is likely, then they have to do something. No clue as to what that would be, trade Kat? Trade DLO? Just get ANT SOME HELP MAN. The 20-year-old is the best player on this team and the leader already, sad really. I wish I didn’t love basketball so much, I probably wouldn’t care as much, but here we are. To the Wolves fans out there, keep your head up, at least we have ANT. We are in this together.