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The Timberwolves made a wrong decision…yet again.

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Another year another mistake for the Wolves. Frankly, everything we have done in about our whole existence as a franchise has been pretty much led to a big fat L, mistake after mistake. The pain Wolves fans feel is never-ending, and truly nothing ever really goes our way. Now it’s hard to say we deserve good things to happen considering all of the awful decisions we have made that are self-inflicted. The pain is well deserved. 

Now we get into the mistake: Not Drafting Lamelo Ball.

It’s funny looking back at it now, you had about half of fans saying we better not take Lamelo and the other half preaching to take him. Well, Lamelo is looking like a stud at the moment.  This is truly the Wolves luck, getting the 1st overall pick in the one year having the number 1 pick wasn’t that advantageous. Fuck this team. 


The young Ball brother has been absolutely cooking as of late. He is now averaging 15.8 ppg, 6 rpg, and 6.3 apg. Those are some good numbers for someone who hasn’t even been starting that long. He has all the makings of a future star in the NBA. He’s a highlight machine and just runs the show so well.  He would look good in a Wolves uni that’s for sure. Hell, He’s even made the Hornets relevant again and has them playing good basketball, something the Wolves aren’t capable of doing.   

One thing people really questioned was the shot and he’s so far proving those people wrong. Lamelo is shooting a near 38% from 3 and 45% from the field too, it has been a great start to his career thus far.

Whats really impresive is that Lamelo is the only player in the past 60 seasons to lead all rookies in total points, rebounds, assists and steals at the all star break.

Even the GOAT MJ has been surprised by Lamelo. I know MJ had a big say in taking Lamelo, but still. When arguably the best player of all time is giving high praise, you know you are doing something right.

Here is one of his better games from his stint as a starter:

I can’t even type this without hurting a little bit, it’s quite disheartening to continually watch the Wolves make wrong decision after wrong decision. Whether it be who we draft, who we hire, or who we trade. It’s pretty much been constant wrong decisions for our eternity. Don’t get me wrong though, Ant still is a stud.

Anthony Edwards

Just because we probably made the wrong pick, doesn’t mean the guy we took is any slouch. Ant has had a solid rookie campaign so far. Sure he has had his shooting struggles and isn’t always very efficient, but he also has had his fair share of great moments.

Ant has been shooting so much better when he has been driving the lane, he should be living at the line. He hasn’t always gotten the calls, but if he keeps driving he eventually will. He has been dominant when attacking the basket, just ask Yuta Watanabe. If he stops taking so many mediocre jump shots and sticks to what he is really good at, he is on the right path.

He is shooting a little over 30% from 3 and about 38% from the field. He needs to get better in these areas or he will never be able to maximize his full potential.

Here is one of the more recent games from when Ant has been starting. He didn’t shoot great but he put everything on display. This is what he is truly capable of.

Long story short, we made the wrong decision as of now. In the long run, can Ant be the right choice? Of course, but he has some work to do if that is indeed going to be the case. Lamelo looks like a star and sadly the Wolves most likely messed up once again. This is indeed life as a Wolves fan. Will it ever get better? Probably not, but one can only hope.