The Top 3 Summer Drinking Games

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It is that time of year, to hang outside with friends and have some drinks. You have to play some games while doing so though, and here are the top 3 you can play this summer.

These games are probably all well-known, but I am still going to rank them and tell all of you guys my top 3. Let’s do it.

#3 Beer Pong

I know Beer Pong is more of an indoor game but in great weather, it is an elite outdoor game too. It incorporates teammates and is just one of the most classic drinking games there is. A game that takes skill and it isn’t just a random game of luck. Going on a run with your partner and dominating the table is a great feeling and will make you the target of the party, nothing better.

#2 Spike Ball

This isn’t a classic drinking game but it can be turned into one. Here is a clip of it if you have never heard of it.

This is like a top 10 type of moment but it just shows how awesome this game can be. You play 2v2 and it is such a team-based game. If you don’t know how to play, look up some rules and try it out. One of the most fun outdoor games there is. Now the way you turn it into a drinking game is by having a beer in one hand and only playing with the other. If you spill you drink, if you lose you drink. This would honestly be #1 but it is a pretty intense game and is way more fun to play normally but is super chill to play while drinking too. Please give it a try, you will love this game.

#1 Beer Darts

One of the more basic but classic games there is, Beer Darts. This game incorporates the whole friend group which brings it to the top. You sit in a big circle and put a beer in front of you. Usually, you have two darts going around and you try to hit people’s beers. If you pierce the top or bottom you drink it all, otherwise, you just drink to where the dart hits. If you go for a neighbor and you miss, you stack two beers in front of you. Now this game can get dangerous while drunk and I have witnessed people get pierced. To me that is just part of the fun, everyone loves a little danger. Next time it’s 70 and sunny and you are drinking with the friends, play Beer Darts. You will not be disappointed.

Honorable Mentions

There are quite a few ones that didn’t make the cut, so let’s list them:

  • Beersbee
  • Beer di
  • Bags
  • Tippy Cup
  • Can Jam

I am sure there are some I’m missing but those are the ones that are coming off the top of my head right now. If you play any of these games you will have fun but if you play those top 3, it will be even more fun. At the end of the day, it is my list and opinion but I think it is a pretty damn good opinion at it. Have fun this summer y’all and be responsible!