The Twins Will Finally Break Their Playoff Curse in 2023!


The year is 2023 and the Minnesota Twins will finally win a playoff game. A record will be broken.

The Twins basically won the division by default, but they have been playing very good ball to end this year. This should actually give us some hope that we can maybe make a little bit of a run. Now this sounds like a pipe dream but crazier things have happened.


With Lopez and Gray as our #1 and 2, I feel confident we will finally win a game. This is the difference between this team and teams of years prior. We actually have good pitching! That SHOULD make a world of difference. If we still get swept then its confirmed it is just the Minnesota curse. And there is nothing we can do about it.

Look at those stats. They have been playing so well and are going in playing their best ball. Now it will be very important to see how healthy Correa and Lewis are. That could be the make or break for the postseason for this team. Also we don’t talk about Glass Buxton.

It really would be the Minnesota way if they don’t win a game. We are being positive though, hence the name of the blog. This team will WIN the first series, book it. From there I have no clue what will happen but won’t be mad regardless of what goes down if they get a series win.

It does make me nervous that we may play the Astros, that sounds like a recipe for disaster. We all remember the Bomba Squad year when they swept us. We have pitching this year so I still like our chances to beat those cheaters if it comes to that. It is an exciting time regardless for the team and the fans. Can we finally get over the hump? It would do a lot for this starved sports state. A playoff series win would inject life into our long suffering bodies.

Come next week this blog will have come true. The (sad) Minnesota Twins will have at LEAST won a singular playoff game. For some reason, I have a feeling they may be winning a series. We will just have to see if that comes true also. A record will be broken Twins fans, have faith.