Lambeau Field Isn’t Ready For The Sean Mannion Show

NFL Vikings

One day, my grandkids will ask me, “Grandpa, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen?” The answer at this point is very simple: the 2021 Minnesota Vikings season is the wildest thing i’ve ever seen unfold. Week after week, there is a storyline or issue that highlights the chaotic nature of the franchise. The calendar is coming to a close, so we had to end the year on a huge bang.

you ever seen a tweet that makes you laugh and cry simultaneously?

And there it is! The dagger to end our season. The chances of us getting in were slim, having to win out and get help. Now, we just look helpless. I hate to say I knew this was coming, but not like this dammit! If there was one player that I knew we could trust based on overall health, it’s Kirk Cousins. Now with him being absent, the season rests in the hands of a quarterback that couldn’t beat the Bears B-squad, twice. Most people would say: screw this shit, i’m not watching. But me? I say let’s ride!


The Plexiglass Wasn’t Enough

Early in the week, there were rumblings that this could happen with Sean Mannion landing on the COVID list. Hell, early in the season Kellen Mond got the virus. One of the more notable storylines coming from early preseason was Kirk Cousins goofy yet guided efforts to stay away from a potential close contact to the virus. Obviously, that didn’t work out like everyone had hoped, and now Sunday Night Football may turn into a very ugly shitshow.

In a season of unpredictability, everything that wasn’t supposed to happen, happened. The season truly can’t end soon enough, and to think we got lucky with an extra week of football. If Mannion does’t work out, I think I know a replacement.