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The Minnesota Vikings Are Legit And Having The Funniest Season Ever!

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The month of November has been quite a chaotic month for our favorite team. The Vikings wrapped up NNN the toughest part of their schedule with a nail-biting 33-26 win over the Patriots on Thanksgiving. After the ass whooping the Cowboys gave us 4 days earlier, the bounce back effort was strong. All three phases showed up when needed and beat a good team. And the stars got to have some fun afterward! Maybe primetime games aren’t so bad after all.

The Fun Guys

Kirk Cousins is a national fucking treasure. Only a guy like him would compare a dry turkey leg to Disney World. Dad humor at its finest. He kicked ass on Thanksgiving and is starting to come along consistency in the new system. An excellent story I read this weekend highlighted how much this team has rallied around Cousins. He may not be the MVP darling pundits picked in the preseason, but he’s performing at a high level in big games. And that’s something he wasn’t doing before. KOC = GOD.

Adam Thielen found the end zone and had a huge TD to seal the W. Spitting out the turkey on national TV is so fucking bold, but at least we know Adam is an honest man. NBC, get your cooking skills together y’all.


It’s quite obvious there’s someone I haven’t brought up yet, but that’s why you save the best for last. Justin Jefferson has proved this season that HE IS the best Wide Receiver in the NFL. The Buffalo game solidified it, everything else is just busy work for him. The man is simply putting the team on his back and making insane catches every week. I would say he’s the MVP, but that will never happen since that is a QB (or superhuman RB season) award. But everyone knows that JJettas is one of the most valuable players in the NFL.

Getting through the toughest month of the schedule with only 1 loss is quite a feat. From here on out, the schedule lightens up with some teams that aren’t the cream of the crop. The NFC North crown is a game out of reach and talks of the #1 seed are still well in play. The Vikings are crushing expectations and grinding out dubs in ways unimaginable a year ago. Why is this year is so much fun?!?! The nervous energy in my tummy late in games has been restored.

Next is the New York Jets, and I’m a smidge concerned. This is usually the type of squad to give the Vikings their annual goofy loss. A team that’s kind of good that is just balls to the wall. Mike White was on fire in Week 12, granted it was against the Bears. But our defense has looked worrisome during this stretch, which leaves room for concern. Only time will tell, maybe this will be the game that the Vikings win by more than one score. Time to manifest a 10-point victory.