The Vikings Just Saved Jalen Reagor and his Career

NFL Vikings

The end of the preseason is a crazy time in the NFL. Tons of jobs are won and lost, and GM’s are left picking at the scraps looking for something good. Also, not that I would have guessed it but teams apparently love to trade has-beens for future has-beens. The Vikings got into the bidding sending 2 late-round picks to Philly for Jalen Reagor. Recognize that name? It’s hard not to, but in case you need something to jog your memory.

Jalen Reagor drafted one spot ahead of Justin Jefferson

Just 2 seasons in and the Eagles decided to give up on the guy. After the killer rookie season J-Jettas had and the non-existent start from Reagor, the heat was on expeditiously. And in Philly, you get batteries thrown at you for that type of shit.

When fans are using their 5 minutes of fame to flame you, it’s safe to say no one is safe.

So why bring in Jalen Reagor anyway?

Safe to say Jalen Reagor never got a fair run, and hopefully this is the change he needed. I assume he will be the next Punt Return God since he hasn’t quite shown he can play the wide receiver position. Plus, he’s never had a coach like Keenan McCardell. If you’re not familiar with McCardell, you definitely know his work. He just developed the aforementioned Justin Jefferson and one other guy you may have heard of with a weird TV situation named Adam Thielen. If anyone can make that speedy fucker on the outside look like an NFL receiver, it’s Keenan McCardell.

Oh yeah, that’s right. Sources confirm Reagor’s still fast as shit, so at least we have that going for us. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Another solid move by the GOAT GM Kwesi Adofo-Mensah.

This video will never not be funny, but now that Jalen Reagor is with the purple squad, it’s even more hilarious than before. Vikings football is only 10 days away. We’re so close, I can almost taste it. SKOL!