The Vikings NEED A New Uniform…


The jersey is an essential part of American sports. And American culture too! What else would frat boys wear to a darty? Over the years, most of the NFL has simplified their jerseys to save money and be lame. There have been some good uniforms since the Nike merger, but mostly everything is mid. Looking at you, New York Jets.

this is just SO bad

The Vikings have a pretty solid look. No one is infatuated with it, but no one complains. The Primetime Purple could be a different story. Some people love it (yours truly), and others want to vomit all over the yellow numbers.

Okay fine, it can’t all be perfect. But now, we have a chance to go back in time and bring back retro jerseys. With the NFL approving alternate helmets beginning this season, the new and retro looks are coming in nicely. The Pats and Texans have made moves so far, but it’s time for our favorite football team to join the mix. Allow me to throw in a suggestion…

The Vikings have had the classic look for years. I remember the old dark purple jerseys from the 60’s that we’d rock once a season in our yearly ass-kicking of the Lions or Bears at the Metrodome. New uniforms, whether it be a classic look re-imagined or a brand new look is always nice. No one said we had to turn this into the NBA or the MLB City Connect series, but at least TRY to make yourself look nice.