The Minnesota Vikings NEED Penix

The Vikings NEED to Draft Michael Penix Jr.


Well folks, the Minnesota Vikings’ season is all but over. After getting stomped by the Packers on New Years Eve, the Vikings need to beat the Detroit Lions and have three other miracles happen to make the playoffs in week 18. It’s time we all swallow our pride and look towards the future. And let me tell you, the future is out there, and his name is Michael Penix Jr.

Absolute DIMES all over the field. I don’t think I could throw a baseball as hard as he throws a spiral. After watching the College Football Playoff semifinals and seeing Michael Penix Jr. completely embarrass the other three quarterbacks with his performance, I’m convinced he is the Vikings’ savior.

Penix Can Learn Under Kirko

When I say Penix is the future, I’m not saying the Vikings should draft him and have him start week one next season. Kirk Cousins has some unfinished business in Minnesota, and I think the Vikings would be dumb not to re-sign him for at least two more seasons.

We’ve watched the Green Bay Packers do this song and dance twice in the last two decades. Draft a young quarterback, let him learn and develop under an established veteran and then let him spread his wings and become a star. The Vikings have the opportunity to replicate this strategy EXACTLY with Kirk and Penix. And judging by Jordan Love’s carving of our defense last week, I’d say it has a pretty high chance of being successful…

Penix Has a TON of Football Experience

You could argue that Michael Penix Jr. playing six seasons of college football is good or bad for his future projection as an NFL quarterback.

On the plus side, he will enter the NFL with more experience than most of the other rookie quarterbacks in this year’s draft. He’s played in and found success with two different college programs, and has now had the opportunity to play in big games being in the CFP.

On the negative side, his body has gone through the gauntlet in those six seasons. Two ACL tears, two major shoulder injuries and hundreds of hits taken does make you worry a little bit. But for a guy with a cannon of an arm and precision accuracy like Penix has, I think it’s definitely worth the risk.

Penix to JJ Could Be Generational

Now I don’t want to jinx anything, especially because Justin Jefferson has not yet committed to any long term deal with the Vikes. But can you imagine these two in the same offense?

We’re talking Manning to Harrison, Montana to Rice, Aikman to Irvin level of dominance. I know I’m definitely getting ahead of myself here but the idea of this duo excites me, especially after watching Penix have his way with the Texas defense in the Sugar Bowl.

Plus, what better offense to step into for a young quarterback if the Vikings can keep JJ, Addison and Hock around for the next few years?

The Memes…

Purple Penix Eaters? Big Penix Energy? Big Slangin’ Penix? I know Vikings Twitter is foaming at the mouth.

Make It Happen Kwesi!

There’s a lot that can happen in week 18, but the Vikings have a very good chance to be drafting within the top 10 with last week’s lost. Michael Penix Jr. is already moving up draft boards and could continue to improve his stock if he balls out in the National Championship on Monday. Whether he is available in the top 10 or the Vikings need to trade up to draft him, it’s time to look towards the future.