The Vikings Own The Packers

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The NFL season is off and running, and our favorite team drew the Border Battle in Week 1. Lots of talk this upcoming week about how the game would go and how the new offense would look. Right away, we learned that this Vikings offense is DIFFERENT.

Boy, as elite as the Packers defense is supposed to be, they sure didn’t look like it. Kirk came out firing, turning the secondary into swiss cheese. But can we talk about Justin Jefferson? This guy doesn’t miss a fucking beat. Ever. On this opening day, he has proved that he IS the best wide receiver in the NFL.

The opening play for Green Bay was telling, to say the least. Christian Watson crossed the hell out of Pat Pete, but dropped the easiest touchdown you’ll ever get. Rodgers was pissed immeadietly and rolled his eyes like a spoiled brat. Truly, It was the theme for the Packers offense all day long. Can you tell they miss Davante Adams? Good god. It also doesn’t help that they kept putting up the graphic that Adams had more yards than the Packer offense at several times. That’s gotta sting big time.

I’m never the type to predict what the Vikings will do with confidence. After all the heartbreak over the years, you can never trust them fully. But I had a good feeling this Vikings team would be eager to give the Packers a real run for their money. Some people are more confident then others. And that’s great! Just know this: if you claim stupid shit on the internet, bad things will happen. Some takes age better than others.

Big yikes. Skol Vikes.