The Vikings Pick Is In…

NFL Vikings

The NFL Draft is one of the most over-analyzed sporting events to exist, ever. Tons of talk for months and months, and yet we’re just talking about college guys who we really don’t know anything about. Some know more than others, but really the draft process is recycling the ideas you hear from experts. Even if you think someone is good, it takes months, usually years, for that question to be answered. But in the like of NFL where money and ratings are king, the have to make this night a whole damn thing. Hell, each team is even throwing a party, which is why The Bank was filled with thousands of people with one question on their mind: Who will the Vikings pick?

Thursday Night was a spectacle out in Las Vegas, the setup looked baller. But back home, the draft party was alive at USBS. With the Miller Lite flowing, the party was going. My SOS colleagues were in attendance, and even got to meet up with Brian O’Neill. Sadly enough, yours truly was working a double shift. Curse you, Safeway.

And Now, We Wait…

Like every year, the draft takes WAY too fucking long to get through. This was the fastest first round in years and it still took us until almost midnight to learn who the Vikings pick. We had how many months and you still takes all 10 minutes to decide who you want? Unbelievable. Stingley and Sauce go top 5, and our dreams of getting an elite corner are crushed. Then, pick #12 rolls around…and we trade back with the Lions, our division rival? Okay whatever. Detroit ends up picking my guy that I suggested last week in Jameson Williams. Oof, let’s hope that doesn’t come back to bite us in the ass.

The night goes on, and the board shakes out much like it always does. Weird selections and guys dropping way further than they should’ve. Then pick #32 finally rolls around and we get a DAWG.

Let’s just say this: the initial reaction was lackluster on all fronts. I had gotten my hopes up that we would draft a QB at #32 in Malik Willis, like we did in 2014 with Teddy. Vikings Twitter was, and still IS, in shambles. “We should have gotten Kyle Hamilton instead!” yeah maybe. But the KAM-KOC duo had other things in mind, and I trust them with my entire life so deal with it.

Who is Lewis Cine, anyway? Why did the Vikings pick him?

Going back and reading up on Lewis Cine, this man is a true grinder. National Championship MVP, a young father and a great player. YouTube led me to the clip of him destroying Kyle Pitts in 2020, viewer discretion advised. He hit Pitts so hard my mans gave himself a damn concussion, and he got up first! Not only that, the fact that he’s looking to ruin guys on the field makes me smile more than it should.

The way it goes: Harry The Hitman will be out the door sooner rather than later, and Cine is a high quality guy that can fill his role. Pair him with Cam Bynum on the back end, and it’s gonna be demon time once things get clicking. Vikings fans, you may not like the pick now but you definitely will like the player. Lewis Cine wakes up every morning and chooses violence.

Kwesi Adofo-Mensah also got a quality player, who they implied is their guy they preferred over Hamilton anyway, while getting an extra pick out of the deal. We knew coming in that this could happen, but overall you have to feel good about the trade. Now, with pick 34, go get Malik Willis as our next franchise QB, and this thing will go to the moon.