2024 Minnesota Vikings Schedule Reveal

The Vikings Have A 3-Game Road Trip This Season And I’m Furious


The 2024 NFL schedule release is here, finally football fans! The last good morsel of news we can nibble on before we hit The Dead Zone of the NFL offseason. Really, the schedule release is an overblown formality. But leave it to the diva league called the NFL to make a huge deal out of nothing. Nevertheless, we finally have dates as to when our Vikings will play this fall.

The Good

Glossing over this, I see a 10-win team. Okay, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but this isn’t terrible guys. The road games are all manageable and playing in London again will be SWEET. Who doesn’t love 8 am football? And if you can foot the bill for it, going to the UK for a Vikings game would be an unforgettable experience.

Kirk Cousins comes back to Minnesota in Week 14 for his revenge game. But is it really revenge when HE left US?! By that point, we will be rolling behind Sam Darnold and that amazing defense and feeling ourselves, ready to make Kirko pay. Get ready to suck it, Atlanta. Fuck your dirty bird.

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The Bad

What’s bad about the schedule? Not to be dramatic, but most of it. The home games are all trap games against solid teams. Like fuck dude, who the hell cursed us with this bullshit algorithm? Having 2 primetime games is downright disrespectful, but they will flex us into more once they see JJ getting close to 2K yards with Sammy D (or McCarthy) at the helm.

And then the 3-game road trip, followed by the 3-game homestand? Bruh. The powers that be could have very well moved a pair of those games around to even things out. The fact that the Vikes will travel to that deathtrap in Seattle is a massive eye-roll. That has trap game written all over it. And I didn’t even mention the Week 6 bye, gross. Let’s hope the team stays super healthy in 2024, they will need all the good health they can get.

The Reveal

Most NFL teams have gotten into the race of trying to outdo each other on socials with funny and quirky videos for the schedule release. You may remember the crazy-ass anime short the LA Chargers made, or the hilarious video from the Titans of drunk people on Broadway guessing the opponents’ logos. The Vikings went the simple but cool way of doing an Apple keynote-type video for their reveal. Well done, Vikes. Not a home run like you may want, but sometimes less is more.

The dates are set, and now we wait. But that’s alright. I’ll wait on you forever, my sweet prince.

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