Kirk Cousins and Adam Thielen

The Vikings Should Have Tanked


It’s that time of year again. The holiday season. A time to gather with your (immediate) family and friends and reflect on what the past year has meant. Although this year is beyond different and extraordinary in its own ways, there were still many things that remained the same. Namely in the world of Minnesota sports.

The Twins and Wild choked in the playoffs. As usual, the Timberwolves didn’t even make the playoffs, and the Vikings continue to ruin our lives, big surprise right? On this snowy December day let’s discuss the past year.

Year in and Year Out

The Vikings have continued to torture fans in creative ways. There was the abysmal 1-5 start to the season, clawing back to .500, and ultimately seeing the playoffs slip away due to the team’s ineptitude. There always seems to be something new that each torturous season brings. I can’t wait to find out how I’ll be let down next season.

The Vikings’ fanbase has remained faithful throughout the team’s history, even though this requires a complete lack of rational and logical thinking. Now, I must note this is basically required in order to be a fan. With that being said, this Vikings’ season has brought a general lack of understanding of what would benefit this team long-term.

2020 is a Lost Season

This year’s Vikings team, while talented, as shown through the season, has been beyond inconsistent. While I typically love throwing stats out there, it isn’t hard to see and analytics isn’t the name of the game here at 10K. To think this team, fraught with issues, can compete on the biggest stages with better teams is a dream that could only be the result of too much peyote.

In the end, the Vikings would have their asses handed to them by any one of a number of superior teams. What does that get the team and fanbase in return? More heartbreak and a mediocre pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

So, what should the Vikings have done instead?


With a start that abysmal, I don’t know why they didn’t just throw in the towel. Yes, I understand athletes always compete and jobs are on the line.

But in an ideal world, the best-case scenario was for the Vikings to continue to lose. The upcoming draft is LOADED with talent. While good ole Rick Spielman could trade his way up in the draft, that is a pipe dream since Spielman is pretty much known as “Mr. Trade Back”.

Instead, tanking would’ve given the Vikings a likely gift in the top of the first round. They could have had access to the most exclusive talent an already amazing class has to offer.

You may be saying, “Jack, you’re contradicting yourself by saying the draft class is amazing, but the Vikings still should have tanked.” I say to you, no. While I understand where you’re coming from, you still want to go for the best talent of the lot. This year, there are some franchise-level players locked and ready to go on Day 1.

Unfortunately, this dream of a tank is long gone. I believe the top talent in this upcoming draft was too good to pass up. The Vikings had a golden opportunity and squandered it. But what else is new?