Vikings throwback uniforms

The Vikings Uniforms just got a Blast From The Past!


Few things in life as a sports fan are better than when your team drops a new set of jerseys. Just ask any frat boy, 5th grader or 40 year old man obsessed with sports. Last year, the NFL decided to do away with their bogus 1-shell helmet rule. After years of basic bitch unis, the cool throwbacks and crazy helmets started to make rounds in the NFL. The Vikings decided to wait a year to get in on the fun, but many fans wondered what a classic jersey refresh would look like. On Tuesday, we finally got our answer.

The Vikings have worn throwback J’s in the past, but never anything that looked this fresh. Most people were expecting the classic 60’s look that we rocked in the early 2010’s every time we destroyed the Lions. It was also the jersey the Vikes wore for that huge MNF game in ’09 against Green Bay. But this classic updated look blew my expectations out the water for sure. The attention to detail, the updated colors, all of it looks stunning.

It’s always nice when you can add something new to the wardrobe. These jerseys will go crazy for years to come. And the best thing is, we won’t have to wait long at all to see them in action. The debut comes in the home opener September 10th vs Tampa Bay. Debuting sexy classic uniforms and beating the hell out of a bad team? Week 1 should be a movie for all Vikings fans.