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The Minnesota Vikings Will Always Be A Tease.

NFL Vikings

Football is often a game of big boys doing big boy shit. And on Sunday, the Minnesota Vikings learned that they are not very big. After being dominated in the trenches giving up over 200 yards on the ground, the Vikings find themselves below .500 and are in for a wild month of December. The 49ers are a quality team who are also fighting for their playoff lives, and it showed why they are as much of a threat as anyone else in the NFC. They did go to the Bowl 2 years ago, after all.

So….what the fuck happened?

I guess that’s why they call him ARMstead.

I’ve been a Vikings fan ever since I could attend school. Being a fan over time, you learn that some losses are more devastating than others. This loss definitely stings less than tough L’s like the Cardinals game, which I unfortunately attended.


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A key trait of this franchise is that when we lose, it seems like the fucking sky is falling. Just ask Twitter.

The loss against the 49ers didn’t quite feel that way, the effort just wasn’t enough. Cousins got back to his old ways of eyeing receivers down and missing several easy throws. The lack of run game hurt in the end, and it’s been a major factor (lowkey) all year. Dalvin hasn’t looked quite like himself, showing flashes and then getting buried on TFLs. Everyone else knows what we WANT to do, and yet the offense can’t seem to figure that out. You can do BOTH and still be successful (CC: Mike Zimmer).

Wait, The Sky Is Falling!

I don’t need to bring up former losses to remind you what this team is capable of, good and bad. You never escape the drama, and they always get your hopes up. It’s not that the Vikings are bad, the team has a top 10 roster in the NFL. It’s about putting it all together week after week, and not giving your fans a heart attack. The 2021 edition of the Minnesota Vikings can lose to anyone, and they can beat anyone.


6 games are remaining on the schedule, and it’s time to show motherfuckers who we are. Every game is very winnable, getting soft matchups against the Lions and Steelers next. Hell, even that game after Christmas against the Rams is looking more winnable right now. LA is ASS. After a huge football week of owning Wisconsin, things finally came back to Earth on Sunday. And here I was, ready to go off about the Vikings being primed for a Super Bowl run.