The Vikings WILL Make The Playoffs

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I was just as disappointed as every other Vikings fan when our Vikings once gain blew it in a game that we very well should’ve won. Matthew Stafford played like the shitty Matthew Stafford from the Lions and our defense looked halfway decent at times. Regardless, it sucks ass we loss but we’re not out of it and the Vikings will make the playoffs.

And if we don’t? Then I guess I’ll just go fuck myself.

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Here’s How It Happens

As we sit right now, the queens are just outside of the playoffs at 7-8. Just ahead of us are those douchebags in Philly and the 49ers. Be fucking nice to have that 49er’s win right about now.

Also in the hunt are the fucking Saints. Ever since they tried to kill Brett Favre in the NFC championship game they always seem to be in the god damn way. The Falcons and Redsk…I mean the Football Team are also around but let’s not kid ourselves.

With all that rattling in my head, I’ve spent an inappropriate amount of time on the ESPN playoff machine to convince myself that our Vikings will indeed be in the postseason.

Renz Week 17 Picks:

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The Vikings have beat the Packers in their last two meetings. Including the last time the two played at Lambeau.

Everyone always plays up how great Lambeau and Green Bay are. That place is nothing special. It’s a scarce town full of shitty bars and hotels that are a 30-minute walk to the stadium. It’s no surprise that their fans get loaded and throw on their hunting gear to go to the game. Would really be an unbearable experience without them.

After Week 17 plays out we’ll still be “In the hunt,” but not to worry. We’re still in it.

Renz Week 18 Picks:

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The Vikings WIll Make The Playoffs

And there it is. The coveted 7th seed. I would LOVE to go to Lambeau and beat the Packers in the first round. As stated above, that towns got nothing on us.

This is a realistic possibility and there are even scenarios where we get the 6th seed, but I’m gonna pump the fucking breaks before I get ahead of myself.

As you can see, none of these picks are egregious. The Saints win both their last games. The 49ers win both their last games. The Eagles lose both their games., which may be a stretch but the Football Team has our boy Heinicke and no way they beat the Cowboys.


There’s no reason not to be optimistic for at least this week. If we go to Green Bay and shit the bed, it’s probably over.

But if not, then let’s fucking play.

The momentum is all on the 10k/Vikings side.

We saw Kirk (Jake) in the stands and on the field this past Sunday. It truly was a day of days.

The Vikings also joined the cause of #10kto10k.

There’s no way we lose with all this good happening in the world.

Skol. God Bless Kirk Cousins.