The Wild Just Found the Next Bedard

The Wild Just Found the Next Bedard


Just give this person the 2024-2025 Calder trophy. Hell, might as well give ‘em the Hart because that’s the next face of the Wild and the NHL. Long flowing locks, smoothest stride in the world, and an absolute passion for the ice makes this legend the next Bedard. Honestly, it could be McDavid in a wig because they’re just oozing greatness with all that swagger. With Joe Mauer being immortalized in the HOF, it’s just about time another Minnesotan takes over a hometown franchise. Now, let’s see what we’re working with.

What Makes Them the Next Bedard:


Speed: If you watch the whole video above, you’ll see there’s absolutely no wind. Then at the end of the video, you see the hair whip backward as this rocket takes off. Too bad the video stops, but I’m sure the ice doesn’t last much longer with the next Bedard type of speed.

Fluidity: I’ve literally never seen a skater glide with so much smoothness. Gat damn Michael Jackson moonwalking across the lake. You know there’s a zero percent chance that ice is zambonied or those skates are sharp, which makes it all the more impressive. People love to talk about hip mobility when it comes to hockey, and that right there is the future Shakira of the NHL.


Lettuce: This stud has the slicked back mane of Scar the Lion. Obviously, you know they’re the reigning 4 time captain of the MN state all-hair team. The face of a franchise has to look the part, and they were born to play it.

Zero Fear: 55°F, open water, shorts on, and not one second thought that the ice could break at any second. It looks like they’re taking a stroll through the gumdrop gardens, not playing roulette with their life. I don’t know about you, but I think they’d prefer to always play short-handed if they could. It’s just so bad ass, I can’t even explain it.

How They’ll Become the Next Bedard:

We need this hometown star on the Wild yesterday. First, somebody needs to get Billy G on the phone now to get a contract locked in ASAP. Second, 10K better be following suit with their own sponsorship deal. Lastly? We the people, need to create as much hype as possible to make sure there’s no choice but to become the next Bedard.

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