The Wild Will Go From Worst to First After The All-Star Break


When the Minnesota Wild return from their All-Star break adventures, we the fans will be left with a burning curiosity about what’s in store for the team. The first half of the season was a bit like trying to assemble IKEA furniture blindfolded—lots of confusion, a few bumps, and a general feeling of “what the f#$@”. But fear not, Wild faithful, because the post-All-Star break is about to unleash the team’s inner superheroes. Cue the Avengers theme.

The Winning Streak

Picture this: The Wild storming through the post-All-Star break schedule like they’ve got a cheat code. Winning streaks? More like a winning marathon. We’re talking a series of victories so impressive, even the Edmonton Oilers will be looking over their shoulders.

Kaprizov’s Brilliance: Is He Using Cheat Codes?

Kirill Kaprizov, our Russian superstar, will continue to defy the laws of physics and goaltenders’ sanity following his appearance in the All-Star game. Honestly, can you image where he’d be if he hadn’t missed several games?

Playoff Aspirations: Turning Dreams Into Nightmares

Playoff hopes are going to be alive and well, and Wild fans will be ready to embrace the chaos that comes with postseason hockey. Maybe this year, the team will finally make it past the first round. After the season they have had, maybe they will pull a 2019 Blues and make it all the way to lifting Lord Stanley?

We’re in for a rollercoaster of a ride when the Wild return from the All-Star break… But, the question to be asked is…

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